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Another multi-part dream last night - meaning that I had some dream the other evening which them became the prelude to this dream.

In this case, [ profile] featherynscale and I had somehow contrived to provide crash space to Wil Wheaton while he was in town. He was very sociable and gracious about the whole thing, although he seemed a little nervous at first when we gave him a gag-gift shirt that was based somehow on the ST:TNG uniform shirt (I never actually observed what was funny about it). Eventually though we took him out to dinner and then spent the evening telling stories and cracking up.

That's the setup; somehow my brain connected this last night to the microdream in which someone did a video of a neo-Mount Rushmore with Picard, Data, Riker, (somebody) drinking their iconic favorite beverages of choice, and, on a lower 'tier' of stone, an animated stone Wesley Crusher cracking open a 1-liter bottle of cola with an 'Ain't this cool?' expression on his face. You got the carbonation fizz and everything.

What the hell, brain?
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We went to go see G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra this weekend, and I can say without reservation that if you liked the comic/cartoon, you'll like the movie (which is, in fact, a live-action cartoon, for all intents and purposes). If you didn't like/get the original, your reaction may be more mixed.

Was it a good film? )

Was it a fun film? )

Overall it's an extremely fun, extremely goofy summer movie, which is exactly what I wanted. As [ profile] featherynscale said, "I've never fist-pumped at a movie this many times before." If you liked the original, this is worth seeing, and definitely on the big-screen. Someone asked about seeing it at the drive-in; my only concern with that would be that much of the dialog is done through face masks, distortion, or intercom/radio gear, so understanding some of it may be difficult without SurroundSound.
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Really odd dream snippet last night, in which momentum (or perhaps the Lorentz factor) was working differently than usual. I blame trying to read up on voodoo dark energy during my lunch break yesterday.

Anyway, I was trying to pull a car out onto 10th Street in downtown KCMO, in order to turn onto 71 Hwy South. Ordinarily, this is simple; it becomes considerably harder when vehicles appear to be moving at relativistic speeds, or perhaps (head)light has significant mass that can impact your vehicle, or... something. Anyway, Dream!Me knew that it was a bad idea to pull out in front of anybody I could even see, no matter how far down the road they appeared to be... but this meant I was never getting a break in traffic. Apparently there were no traffic lights in this version (presumably because of the collateral damage their photons would have caused?) and the downtown area was much hillier than this.

So eventually, I tried to creep out onto the shoulder of 10th and slip onto the on-ramp. This went well insofar as I avoided any collisions with cars on 10th, but Extremely Poorly when the aforementioned momentum problems asserted themselves. Instead of a leisurely 180° turn onto the on-ramp, I ended up in a sideways skid off the on-ramp, across two lanes of traffic (again, not crashing into anyone amazingly), and then smashing into the opposite side of the ditch in the median.

And then I woke up, and said into the darkness, "Ow?"
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I was originally going to filter this post for just the potential Crescent Sorcerers in our upcoming game, but I thought it'd be more fun with a broader audience. Non-gamers feel free to pass on by... )

::edit:: Heh, I think PCGen just gave me my next character name: Michael McKanic.
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I was, as you might imagine, a huge X-Files fan back in the day (geeky teenager/college student without much of a social life, plus a seriously geeky/creepy Friday night show? Sign me up!) I still am, though it's tempered to the point where I haven't seen the second film yet. I think I missed a half-dozen episodes overall, mostly in the last two forgettable seasons.

Favorite episode? Nearly impossible to narrow it down that much, but "Ice" from the first season was a big favorite even in repeat viewings, and "One Breath" from Season Two. Oh, hell, let's just do 9 of them )

Favorite of all of those? Probably "The Sixth Extinction"...
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Stupid OKCupid meme, too funny to pass up )
Just one more percentage point, and I'd be toast...
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Walked into City Hall and my long-time coworker CS (who runs Ham Radios and used to be our IT guy) walked up to me and, without preamble, asked "Dave, what's the best Linux distribution out there right now?"

So we chatted for a bit on it. He's got a new laptop to play with, and I'm not clear yet on how the newer distros handle the specialized hardware there...

Also, because [ profile] featherynscale and I were talking about it this morning: Brisbane academic finds link between new-age spirituality and poor mental health. I suspect she's confused cause and effect here, however.
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So last night was the big New Year's Eve party at the Charlesworth Hostile, during which I drank (over the course of ~5 hours) the sum total of:
  • half a beer;
  • a swig of mead;
  • two sips of Champagne;
  • half of a one-liter bottle, more or less, of braggot (mead beer).
...and got violently fucking ill.

Pretty sure that wasn't from the alcohol, folks, but my apologies to J.C. and Jen for being "that guy" at this years' party. On the other hand, if the worst that happened was some guy who took up a bathroom for a time being ill, passed out on a bed, and then hurled some more in the living room under the care of a former EMT before getting driven home, it was probably a pretty good party drama-wise. And it was certainly a good party up until that point... *grin*

Best case scenario, I had a touch of food poisoning from what I had for lunch. Because otherwise something was off in the braggot (which I was passing around), or that stuff is a FUCKTON more alcoholic than it looks, or I came down with something (which I was then also passing around). That last seems unlikely, since I'm perfectly fine now, and was perfectly fine until ~2ish. I totally don't remember several moments in the being-ill-process, which is irritating/worrisome, but I'm very glad I was surrounded by friends. And yet, you hate to be "that guy", and now I feel defensive. *sigh*

Still, the Contract for Souls that Mephistopheles was carrying around was a big hit. I think the sum total of my evening's work was 16 signatures, two 'marks', and a kiss. I'll take it.
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Oddly detailed dream about test-firing different handguns, and eventually being very impressed with the "Walther that Scully shot", since it was made for smaller hands. No such gun exists, of course, but that doesn't stop me from having enough detail in my dream to describe the safety mechanism, breech, magazine configuration, materials, shape, trigger pull, and HUD (yeah, I mentioned it was a dream, right?).

Oh, and it fired AA batteries, if you so desired.
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Back home. Worst thing we saw on the road (besides the expected 837 cars-in-ditches, since it snowed an inch) was a Hummer pulled over by the State Patrol. I didn't even know those things could GO fast enough on level ground to get arrested for speeding...

Und now, a quiz.
Does this make sense to you? )
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Five scientifically plausible ways a zombie apocalypse could actually happen... you know, in case you needed help getting in the mood for Hallowe'en.

Thanks D - and many happy returns of the day to your lovely lady, [ profile] rougewench (I used to mistype that as roguewench, today it's "roughwench"...hmmm)
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Last night's dream sequence involved
  1. a plot to take offline which resulted in a bunch of the players getting together and stringing tiny little paperclips together into intricate chains of red, green, and brown (I don't know why, the colors were important). That part was bad and weird (especially since I've never met any of those folks in person).
  2. all of this took place in a giant General Store that had low gravity/wind currents, so you could pogo off the springy carpet in some areas and glide over to another, landing softly. Speed seemed to be affected in the vertical, not the horizontal. That part was cool.
  3. the narrative climax seemed to involve some sort of impromptu three-way pillowfight between myself, my stepfather, and possibly one of my now-adult half-sisters. Except instead of pillows in the bags, it was books and whatever other hard, compact stuff you could fit. Still, physics remained broken and the fight didn't hurt us like you'd expect. We were mostly laughing, so I guess that part was good?


Feb. 13th, 2007 12:54 pm
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On a completely different scale/note from my last post, a thought-experiment has been rattling around my brain, about what would happen if you scaled down a planet's diameter but kept the same mass/gravity. That led to discovering this fine gem, which is ostensibly a "how much energy would it take the Death Star to blow up your constructed world" calculator, but also gives numbers for things like planetary diameter at different densities and the like. Unless something's wrong with the calculator, however, I don't understand why holding surface gravity constant at 1g while decreasing diameter would result in a decreasing mass, as well as increasing density. What am I doing wrong here? It seems to calculate fine for the inner terrestrials, but if I decrease diameter to 10,000km and hold gravity steady, mass decreases by almost 40%!

That seems impossible, unless I missed something in elementary physics... ::edit:: and of course, I did: Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation, and I screwed up gravity and gravitation. Thanks [ profile] liquidfun!
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Why is my brain full of 7s today? Seriously, all day long...

Also, meme:

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Amusing piece on why George Lucas and Alistar Crowley may not be so far apart after all:

The full text, for comment )

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