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Hello, Dreamwidth/LiveJournal... it's been 34 days since my last confession entry. Actually that seems to be the new pattern, looking back at January and such. Oh well, that means I'm living life, right? Sorta. Life is indeed busy, but some of it is good (really good) and some is really weird/bad.

Thing the First: I'm COVERED in poison-ivy-or-something-like right now, and I'm one of those lucky folks who can transfer minute amounts of urushiol from one part of my body to another, even though that's not supposed to be possible. I'm 99% sure I got it at the annual Blue River Rescue, but it's driving me batty. Topical creams aren't doing crap, so half the time I'm zoned out on Benadryl. I think I've got some in my shoes from several years ago too that keeps giving me foot blisters, and just learned that you can supposedly deactivate it with a hot wash cycle. Worth it even if it trashes my shoes' finish. BATTY I TELL YOU.

Thing the 2nd: Just finished cardiac rehabilitation - by the end I'd ran 5k (on a treadmill), ran a 7:56 mile, and only tried to pass out once. I've got a much better idea of my current cardiac capacity (AND limits!) which is kind of the point... still should get a HR monitor, but finances are tight enough right now to make it a lower priority. Still doing Fitocracy and still find it useful as a motivator, but they've just pushed through an *unfortunate* graphical redesign that is only slowly getting better. The problem with Internet startups is that they can try to Chase All The Things too much and end up doing nothing very well, but the people of the site are fantastic. If you were interested when I announced it before, they are now out of beta and you no longer need an invite to join. I'm 'naybliss' there; I think if you are on FB it will give you an autoprompt for friends you know there.

Thing the 2nd-and-a-half: Having finished cardiac rehab, K and I wanted to join a gym to keep going. One of my rehab nurses mentioned the Bene-Fit gym near us in the Red Bridge Shopping Center; turns out after going there that she's related to the owner! Also one of our neighbors works the front desk, and recognized us by our car. Heh, small world, etc. Anyway, we've gone twice so far and it's a very nice little gym. Decent hours, especially for an independently-run establishment. And the price is right; Bronze membership starts at just $10/month!

Thing the 2nd-and-two-thirds: Speaking of finances, 'bounced' my bank account the other day in a surprising turn of events. We've been dining out more and made a few bigger purchases lately, but that's no excuse for not keeping better track. Was able to transfer things around and avoid any major problems, but meh, embarrassing.

Part E: Boulevard has a Barleywine. A rye barleywine, and it's frickin' amazing. Complex, rich, warm, colorful, fantastic finish, and 11%ABV to boot. Whee? Related: Martin City Brewing Company is pretty awesome for a new restaurant, despite not (yet) having their own brewery license in place. Both the food and the staff are excellent, though the place can be a little loud (uhh, we helped with that problem, actually).

ζ: Mafia Scum suffered a catastrophic, unpredictable server outage that wiped out months of posts due to a suboptimal backup procedure. Many games were recovered via the amazing utilization of Google Cache by some very clever users, but my latest giant game got destroyed. Which is not the tragedy it could have been, as the game was just Too Damn Big and flawed in its core. Still, it's both stunted my desire to run games for a while and (hopefully) rekindled my efforts to work on the back end and site skins. Time will tell...

Seventhly: Finally finished painting the front door yesterday. When it got surprise-replaced last fall, we got the wild-ass idea of painting it copper, but that's not really a practical basecoat color for insurance contractors to implement. So we got a basecoat down in a sort of pumpkin color and then it got too cold to paint the glaze on. I'll try to get a picture posted soon, but it really does look surprisingly like

Ochtú: Miss the gaming; we've been SUPERbusy lately and less frivolous (well, sort-of) pursuits have taken precedence. Exercising in particular is becoming addictive in a good way... Games Night still happens, of course, but the RPGs are on the backburner. Ideas continue to flow, which is a step beyond first-world-problems, I'm guessing.

3*3: We'll be missing JordanCon this year, it appears. The massive drive, the expense-per-unit-of-fun (not that it's not fun, but it's really concentrated in one fandom, for the most part) and general burnout on extroverted activities led us to this conclusion. I think we'll end up going out of town somewhere that weekend anyway, just someplace closer and quieter. Going next year AFTER the release of the final book is probably a better use of limited resources. K and I are almost to the end of TFoH in our rereadaloud, with an excellent book coming next. A coworker who also happens to be a total wotfan gifted me the audiobooks in digital format too, so I've put them on the mp3 player and started listening to them in one ear at work. Funny how much of the first book I have near-memorized after 15 rereads...

Lastish: All complaining aside, life is pretty good. There's other stuff going on that is either too small or too private to mention, but if you made it this far, well done.
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Question for the Vast Unpaid Research Department: Does anyone know where to borrow a copy of "Fashions in Hair: The First Five Thousand Years" by Richard Corson? I really would like to get a look at their plate on the English square-cut beard, which is amazingly hard to locate by the usual means (i.e. Google and the public library).

I suspect it is this, but I'd like to know for sure.

::edit:: Got to see Rockhurst's copy. Pictures soon.


Mar. 30th, 2009 12:08 pm
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This series is Never. Going. To End.
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Yesterday I picked up Elantris, the first novel by Brandon Sanderson, the poor bastard author who has been tapped to finish out Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. I wanted to see what his writing style was like, and if I didn't like it, hey, this one's a standalone, so not much time lost.

I got in the car after work and [ profile] featherynscale asked "What's that?", indicating the book in my hand. I told her, and she said "Thought so.", having seen the same news piece about WoT that I did. Then I said I'd learned two things already: that he's our age, roughly, and that he's probably qualified to write about Rand's many lovers. "Why's that?" she asks, to which I reply "He's LDS." A great chorus of groans followed, and [ profile] featherynscale remarked, "I thought you were going to say you knew he could finish the story right because he was our age, and thus had been reading it for half his life, like us."

Lo and behold, DragonMount has an interview with him in which he remarks:
I've been with The Wheel of Time since the paperback release of THE EYE OF THE WORLD back when I was fifteen years old.
Of course, Harriet asking him is a big plus, and he seems to have his priorities right about the opportunity, and the source material. But really, it's like authorized fan fiction.

I'll take it.

Also, he's determined to answer the question of who killed Asmodean, thank the Light!
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Oi. My list of Big Projects I Want To Do is wholly and entirely out of control.

In no particular order ) But now? Now, I go outside and ride my bike, because it's F***ing Gorgeous Out. ::edit:: Or not... I forgot that I left it down by the railroad tracks before Wild Hare's Fall Equinox ritual...I found most of a wheel. Guess I'll go pick up trash instead.
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Robert Jordan passed away this afternoon after an unsuccessful fight with amyloidosis. In addition to his writing career, he served two tours in Vietnam, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross with bronze oak leaf cluster, the Bronze Star with "V" and bronze oak leaf cluster, and two Vietnamese Gallantry Crosses with palm.

I got to meet him once, and even gave him a token gift. Nice guy, sorry to see him pass on so early. Dragonmount is, predictably, slashdotted...
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Weird little dream there, in which I was the suburban (or possibly soap opera) version of al'Lan Mandragoran, complete with modern dress, swimming to safety, and sneaking into my house before the bad guys showed up in their beige Toyota. Or whatever; at least it woke me up early enough to be an actual hero and take the trash & recycling out.

In other heroic news, our lawn guy came and harvested scythed down the yard. Turns out he has a new number (and address, apparently).
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Good weekend overall. Gaming session on Saturday didn't end in flaming death/rolling new characters like some of us had thought, and yet the way out was in-theme and plausible (at least, insomuch as the Wheel of Time world is plausible). Then Saturday night was the Libras' birthday party, which seemed to be enjoyable to everybody who came, even if it was just for a little while.

Of course, the plans of getting to Faire by Opening Cannon went a little haywire when some of us didn't get to bed until 5am, but we still went and had an overall good time, including picking up 3 of the Chameleon™ universal garments, which are just wildly cool and will probably come in very handy in extending the weekend wardrobes. Also got to see the best Human Chess Match they've put on yet. And probably as karmic payback for the mild hickeys I gave two of the birthday girls (and [ profile] featherynscale) on Saturday, I got a patented Madam Red smooch on the neck for not paying attention during Last Huzzah. Sorry about the sunblock and grit, [ profile] rougewench; I'm ordinarily much tastier. :) The mark didn't come off until after dinner with [ profile] jackjob and [ profile] adammaker, and I could get home and shower properly. That's impressive lipstick!

Home again

Sep. 5th, 2006 01:40 pm
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If by home, you mean the office, at which I am putting in a half day. Oh well, it's certainly better than not getting to go.
In other news:
The Good: My car is fixed and back on the road again. It's even worth carrying passengers again, and I'm pretty sure my gas mileage will improve to 35+ mpg again, for related reasons. Also, my clutch works WILDLY different when it works right (which it apparently hasn't in the last six months or so), which was alarming as hell coming out of the parking lot. A lot like learning to drive a standard transmission all over again...
The Bad: Getting run off the highway by a fuckin' hearse. Dude, what the hell? Funereal processions should not travel on the I-435 loop, I'm thinking... also, my shoulders/neck could unknot any day now. Seriously.
The Weird: Dragon*Con was an odd mix of "let it be over" and "don't stop now!" this year, which I suppose means I was getting more of the Con Experience. Volunteered, kind-of, for a bit more to do with the Wheel of Time track, but they're still a fun bunch. After all the hassle of getting the Pirtle mead, it turns out I had a) the wrong day for the Mead Party, and b) the wrong Mead for the crowd, apparently. I forget sometimes that sometimes the goal is to drink, not to taste, as several people at D*Con reminded me (including a very liquid Jack Sparrow). "Is that Chaucer's?" "No, it's good." "Tastes like Chaucer's...where's my rum?" *shrug* Also, having odd post-party dreams about having ill-advised sex with people you actually avoided having ill-advised sex with, should stop.

Home. Errr, sort of. I work now.
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Bizarre Wheel of Time-related dream ahead, which I don't think has any relevant spoilers. However read comments at your own risk, if you haven't started the series yet.

You'll see... )

Which is pretty much the point where I woke up, dream having collided with reality sufficiently to jar me out of sleep.


Nov. 8th, 2005 01:25 pm
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I was wondering when I'd get an excuse to use my other new icon; unfortunately getting out of bed this morning supplied it. Blech; unfit for human consumption today, which makes sense since I have to be in meetings 2/3 of my day.

In other news, however, the security guard at the Bruce Watkins Center grabbed my arm on the way out the door. Apparently he was very interested in what I was carrying, namely, Book 7 on The Wheel of Time series. He was unsure when Book 11 came out, so we talked for a bit about that. But the key point is that I'm done with Book 6, which officially is the longest in the series, Takes Forever and is madly depressing to boot. You know how The Empire Strikes Back is sort of a downer? Yeah, it's like that, only he keeps his hand (for now).
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Today is Robert Jordan's birthday, apparently; I'm nowhere near as far along in my re-read of the series as I thought, but I did finish Book 5 last night and started Lord of Chaos on my way in to work this morning. Kindly hold off on the spoilers until I get there...I'm working as fast as I can. ;) Still good stuff back in the older books, though I'm surprised at how my perceptions of the timeline differ from reality (it's more like 18 months, than 3 years...)

Speaking of interwoven threads, Sunday's ritual was interesting, if perhaps not in the way they expected )
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Note to self: When you can lose a Robert Jordan book on your desk at work, it's time to clean your desk.
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From a spoiler-free review on
"I was surprised when the first plot thread was completed. I thought to myself, "Will I ever read about this person again? Could it actually be possible that I've read their entire story now?" I stopped thinking that to myself by the time Jordan wrapped up his 4th or 5th plot line. Then more story lines got wrapped up, at least to the extent where I don't need to hear about a certain character again without feeling cheated. All of the major plot lines advance. Some are completed."
Thank the Light! Really.

And apparently it's good, too.

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We took advantage of some of that intermittent energy last night; our house is now in possession of:
  • one cuendillar disk (complete with chip);
  • one enameled Dragon/Asha'man pin;
  • several Great Serpent rings;
  • 80% of a Blue Ajah shawl for [ profile] matchgirl42, and the ability/willingness/materials to make two more for our resident Greens.
All for DragonCon, naturally; it's not like we'd do something like this on a lark. *rolls eyes* Pictures to follow, possibly/probably.

On the 'destruction side', I've rediscovered the Way, the Truth, and the Light of Vacuuming, which is good. Our house is now 70% more friendly to being barefoot in.

And we must have lived in our house two years by now, because we've finally managed to figure out when Bulky Item Pickup is (by the simple expedient of [ profile] featherynscale calling to remind us that everyone else has set their stuff out). The dead clothes processor, Hob Hole door, broken fencing, doors from the office, the cat-scratch fever chair™... now with 60% less White Trash living! Sorry for grousing at you this morning when you called, K; I wasn't really conscious yet.

I'm all about percentages today, for some reason. Probably because I'm only about 50% present, and 140% overloaded...

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