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We're home; trip was great, and even though my internal clock (and the laptop) say it's only 10PM, I'm going to bed because tomorrow morning is going to come two hours earlier than my body thinks is reasonable or wise. Me and my first-world problems. :P

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(actually that's not true, as I hope to make one more post with my book list, but I need to finish the Bataan Death Read first...)
Half-day at the office today and most people are out on vacation or at a going-away party, so I'm kind of wombling around getting things done.

First out of the gate, if you have the same sort of morbid fascination for the slow-motion demolition that our economy is undergoing that I do, I heartily recommend two things on LJ: [ profile] solarbird, who does an excellent job of translating econ-speak into things mere mortals can understand, and links like a mofo; and [ profile] reich_blog, the RSS feed for Robert Reich, former Clinton Secretary of Labor. He's got a pithy and admittedly liberal slant on things, but it's a lot more pragmatic than a lot of what I see out there.

Secondly, the Musical Death Star that is [ profile] featherynscale's iPod is now 50% more full awesome. I uploaded most of my collection onto it in preparation for our trip to Florida (yes, this'll be our third major road trip of the year), and while we didn't quite get to making the new playlists like No Crying in Baseball, it'll be even more train-wreck-happy on Shuffle All, I'm sure. Good thing we didn't get a Zune, by the way...

Finally, a to-do list of little relevance to anybody here but me:Read more... )
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Tired. Okay, not actually tired, because we Slept All Fuckin' Day, but off-kilter. I keep having to recalibrate to 'normal society' expectations, like what you can and can't say/look at/find odd.

Mostly caught up on LJ. Internet at the house is still sketchy, but tonight it's somewhat better (hence actually posting here). They're sending a technician out Tuesday between 5 and 7... yes, I know today was Tuesday. I meant the next one... Grrr. Apparently it's "signal noise on the line", which at least means it's neither the modem nor router.

Got a fair bunch of pictures at Dragon*Con. Some are still in post-processing due to the flash starting to die, but many are good. Those can be found at [ profile] featherynscale's Flickr account, or elsewhere on the Internets.

Speaking of elsewhere on the Internets, my Green Arrow costume wins the "most pictures taken of me" contest, hands down, so those'll be showing up all over the place I'm sure. Not bad for about a week's work, though next year's iteration will be better. A couple of minor logistical issues popped up, but thankfully the skintight doublet wasn't one of them, even with all of the scantily clad ladies around (including two GA-less Black Canaries, one of whom nearly expired from glee at seeing me). Which is good, because lots of little kids (many not even at the Con, but at surrounding restaurants and the like) wanted to have their picture taken with "Robin Hood". That was especially worth it. Hardly anyone knew who John Constantine was, and No One did before dark. That was funny, if not wholly surprising, in retrospect. [ profile] hekatatia: As promised, here's the first picture link!

Very little drama. Insane amounts of fun. Going back next year.

P.S. The Wheel of Time track director is working on being an Actually Real Live Famous Person, between hosting JordanCon next April, and getting a piece of her humor up on Cracked:
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...but it's Wednesday, which means I'm home instead.

Never been so happy to be done with a trip. Which is not to say that the vacation was not lovely and delightful*, because it was, but 3000 miles in a week, with lots of walking on the days when your butt is not numb from the car seat, is a little much. I may have finally cured myself of the need to obsessively plan every stage of a vacation (yes, those of you who have traveled with me can stop laughing now).

More later, I'm sure. I'll never catch up on LJ, so sue me. Right now, laundry and unpacking, especially the frakking laptop cord...

* Except Connecticut. Fuck THAT place right in the ear, on a Sunday afternoon.
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Whence Owlbears?
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We have a laptop again. I have called it George.

It's a low-end Dell, but it's totally sufficient to our purposes (GMing/Internet, and note-taking at some meetings), and only $300. It's already updated, networked with the Linux boxes (though that did give WinXP pause for a moment) and working on downloading some data for our trip. If you're local to KC and in the market for a computer, you could do worse than to call on the Laptop Squad in the West Bottoms (and if you're not local, they have an eBay presence). Bonus points because the tech/salesman was actually using a soldering iron when I walked in this afternoon.

Even still, access will be minimal, as we'll mostly be out and about and having fun. See many of you...soonish!
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With a brief stopover in St. Louis (when we ran out of alert drivers), we're back home from Dragon*Con. Much more later, including pictures, but first bath and a probable nap...

To paraphrase, "only Dragon*Con justifies the hassle that only Dragon*Con requires".*

* Well, that and Pennsic War.
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Since neither of my other thirds posted yet (as far as I can tell), here's the note saying we arrived safely in Atlanta (mostly through the heroic driving of [ profile] auraseer, who slept a lot more Wednesday night than we did). in fact much heroism, much geekery, and many pictures have been had already. More to come...

Pirate in a Kilt (today)
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Escaped into the woods (Camp Gaea) for the weekend, and overall it was a good thing. Weather Friday night while we were packing was utter crap, right until we drove north and west out of the storms and onto bone-dry pavement. Saturday was gorgeous, and Sunday it didn't start raining until we were packing. I'll take it.

Whilst being covered in nature, I noticed:

  • the "plague" of bugbites that hit me between God Auction and accepting that Apollo is my patron has finally ceased.
  • a marked increase in my tolerance for sun (again, go figure).
  • decreased sex drive despite the casual nudity (this is not uncommon for me while camping, but fixed when I got home).
  • finished the last half of The Mabinogi for tonight.
Came back and managed to get the GC newsletter and website done before collapsing last night (and drove home in another rainstorm last night, pulling off my Driving While Jedi trick well enough to beat my other thirds home). Since returning home, I've noticed:

  • oversensitivity to the sounds of downtown.
  • nearly complete lack of appetite/interest in food (this may be due to the extremely tasty stuff we ate in camp).
  • I slept like an angel last night. I'm pretty sure our whole house did (the camp bunks were pretty wretched).
  • my hair is driving me absolutely bonkers today; probably overconditioned/overwashed it at the camp and with repeated dunkings in the lake, but it's all in snarls. As soon as the goatee finishes growing back in, I'll be hacking at least 10" off for Locks of Love.
  • also, today I returned a bunch of crap to the library (some of which had only been overdue since July 17th), and found where many of my office pens were hiding.
Now I have to decide what to do with the rest of my August... (not a lack of choices, I can tell you that much).
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Yargh. The last thing I wanted to wake up to this morning was a long involved phone call from a neighborhood leader who wanted me to recap all the information covered in the last three events our office held, because he was too busy to go to them. Meanwhile my co-worker is running in and out of the office trying to run a separate meeting down the hall... and my brain eventually cottoned to the fact that it was a dream when [ profile] saffronhare knocked on the door and asked how I was doing. Thanks, babe.
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Apparently in an effort to propitiate [ profile] wildnsquirrelly's desire for over-the-top dreams, this morning's last sequence was turned up to 11, if not actually 12.

Read more... )

No clue what that was all about. Yesterday was actually pretty boring, so my brain had to compensate at night?!?

::edit:: And then Firefox crashes right before I post this. Thank Gods for saved drafts...
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We're baaaaack. Mostly. Provided the technological devices work today. If not, we might be back later (as of last night, the Internets, space heater, and digital camera were all acting up). But the dog, and cat, and the three of us, are all still alive, so that's a good start. Let me sum up...

Yule! )

Key West!! )
Home!!! )

Home again

Sep. 5th, 2006 01:40 pm
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If by home, you mean the office, at which I am putting in a half day. Oh well, it's certainly better than not getting to go.
In other news:
The Good: My car is fixed and back on the road again. It's even worth carrying passengers again, and I'm pretty sure my gas mileage will improve to 35+ mpg again, for related reasons. Also, my clutch works WILDLY different when it works right (which it apparently hasn't in the last six months or so), which was alarming as hell coming out of the parking lot. A lot like learning to drive a standard transmission all over again...
The Bad: Getting run off the highway by a fuckin' hearse. Dude, what the hell? Funereal processions should not travel on the I-435 loop, I'm thinking... also, my shoulders/neck could unknot any day now. Seriously.
The Weird: Dragon*Con was an odd mix of "let it be over" and "don't stop now!" this year, which I suppose means I was getting more of the Con Experience. Volunteered, kind-of, for a bit more to do with the Wheel of Time track, but they're still a fun bunch. After all the hassle of getting the Pirtle mead, it turns out I had a) the wrong day for the Mead Party, and b) the wrong Mead for the crowd, apparently. I forget sometimes that sometimes the goal is to drink, not to taste, as several people at D*Con reminded me (including a very liquid Jack Sparrow). "Is that Chaucer's?" "No, it's good." "Tastes like Chaucer's...where's my rum?" *shrug* Also, having odd post-party dreams about having ill-advised sex with people you actually avoided having ill-advised sex with, should stop.

Home. Errr, sort of. I work now.

Day Off

Feb. 20th, 2006 12:22 pm
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Like (most) good government drones, I get President's Day (Observed) off from work, so what do I do with it?
  • Draft bylaws;
  • Recover from [ profile] starwyse's fabulous party on Saturday;
  • Sleep in until 11, sort of;
  • Make an omelette;
  • Not wear pants for 48 hours...wait (counts back to the kilt at Star's party) like 61 hours.
Heh. Life is good.
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Stolen (with a twist) from [ profile] saffronhare 'cuz she had the coolest title for it:

1) Alabama, 2) Alaska, 3) Arizona, 4) Arkansas, 5) California, 6) Colorado, 7) Connecticut, 8) Delaware, 9) Florida, 10) Georgia, 11) Hawaii, 12) Idaho, 13) Illinois, 14) Indiana, 15) Iowa, 16) Kansas, 17) Kentucky, 18) Louisiana, 19) Maine, 20) Maryland, 21) Massachusetts, 22) Michigan, 23) Minnesota, 24) Mississippi, 25) Missouri, 26) Montana, 27) Nebraska, 28) Nevada, 29) New Hampshire, 30) New Jersey, 31) New Mexico, 32) New York, 33) North Carolina, 34) North Dakota, 35) Ohio, 36) Oklahoma, 37) Oregon, 38) Pennsylvania, 39) Rhode Island, 40) South Carolina, 41) South Dakota, 42) Tennessee, 43) Texas, 44) Utah, 45) Vermont, 46) Virginia, 47) Washington, 48) West Virginia, 49) Wisconsin, 50) Wyoming, 50.5) Washington DC

International: Greece, Turkey, Italy

The bolded are places I've been, the italicized are places I've been through but didn't stop (or only visited the airport in), and the bolded and underlined are places I've lived.

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