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  • Took my first bike ride of the season yesterday
    • The trip up to Red Bridge is a lot easier when you have gears that work reliably - thanks [ profile] kittenpants!
    • Yay shock absorbers!
    • Yay brakes, since I nearly got creamed at Minor Drive & Holmes, again.
  • The dog was off his line again when we got home last night.
  • Something unexpected may have started thawing out... (cryptic, but that's all I can say at the moment)
  • I found my first (attached) tick this morning.
Also, new icon.
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[ profile] archway asked, so I'm answering.

Probably the best thing about being part of the Trinity is the geometric growth of benefits. I believe it's easier to us to find X/Y/Z like/want/need in this grouping that it would be in virtually any ordinary pairing. If my other thirds want spicy foods, they know they can find someone who wants that, without badgering the partner (me) who doesn't dig on that sort of thing. [ profile] featherynscale and I can go watch zombie films, leaving [ profile] kittenpants to happily do something that doesn't involve brains in such a detailed manner. Somebody has an idea that I think is completely unworkable? They can go work on it together until it's a better idea, or until they've run it into the ground of their own volition. Sometimes I hear about it again, sometimes not... either way, nobody got thwarted or had to look very far for validation or a co-conspirator. This is a fairly big deal, to me at least, because I tried for years to fulfill the "one true destined love" fantasy*, and mostly just made myself and my partners crazy.

Finances and chores scale to a large degree too, of course (not including [ profile] kittenpants' tendency to cook for either 1 or the Mongol Horde). But that's more of a side-benefit, even though we probably never would have gotten such a nice house without it (and we actually, almost, have enough room for all of our stuff here).

Sure, there's additional problems of expansion in size; triangulation, communication difficulties, imbalance/jealousy, but they're not as significant (for us) as the easy way in which we became, essentially, "more than the sum of our parts".

* Yes, even while being in love with three different women at once. I don't get it, either...
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Anybody familiar with logic puzzles, or cars, is welcome to help out on this one. :)

Our household is apparently going to be in the market for new vehicles over the next six months or so. It's not entirely clear how many have to shift, but both mine and [ profile] featherynscale's are aging rapidly, and [ profile] kittenpants' is too small for some of her needs.

So with that in mind... )

(No, there isn't really a concrete problem to be solved here, but getting input from others and broadening our search window is a useful exercise, and probably entertaining besides)
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This sort of solves the "it's illegal" part; there's nothing in the law about being engaged until the law changes, right?

Expect a party closer around November, when our world stops tilting quite so swiftly. And yes, this makes 3/3, 5/5, 7/7, and 9/9 special dates in our household.
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So I guess that's another chalk mark on the "getting old" meter: I went on my first "diet" today. The metabolism of a 16-year-old has become, if not that of an actual 32-year-old, at least that of someone in their mid-20s. Granted, it's the South Beach diet, so it's more about eating healthily than actually limiting portions and whatnot, but it's a bit of a paradigm shift for me to actually be aware of what I eat. I've always taken "omnivore" as a credo, not just an identifier. This will be paired, of course, with an upswing in exercise, time and energy allowing.

On a not-entirely-but-mostly unrelated note, I noticed my C:\ drive is sitting at about 97% of full today. What do most of you use to eliminate unwanted pounds bytes? Obviously temporary internet files are high on the list, as is the 7.whatever GB Spider-Man 3 trailer on my desktop (which I realized shortly after I left the house, and can be deleted as soon as [ profile] featherynscale sees it), but only having about 570MB left is a little unsettling to me. Also, that's just my C:\ drive (mostly programs), not D:\ (documents) or M:\ (music, which has its own problems).

Also and, new icon. Whee!

My busy day

Feb. 5th, 2007 04:08 pm
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  • Used up another 6-7 bundles of wood between 5am and noon, raising the house temperature 2°;
  • Called in to work on account of the above strenuous activity (and feeling like my brain was made of Jello Jigglers);
  • Raised the temperature 20° from noon to 1pm by the simple expedient of waiting for the furnace repairmen to finish their work and re-engaging the thermostat (the fireplace was still going, which helped);
  • Read half of Hogfather;
  • Took [ profile] kittenpants out for an exciting birthday lunch at Mr. Goodcents;
  • Planned a much more exciting dinner of crab for said birthday, to be executed later this evening;
  • Determined the house was not in fact too cold to have sex in if you do it in the right place (i.e. within 4 feet of the fireplace);
  • Working on a "Soundtrack" for the D&D Amnesia campaign...initial evidence supports the idea that it's "funny as hell" and "wrong". Exxxcellllent...
That's about all I've got for now... more later, after [ profile] kittenpants opens her presents.
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[ profile] featherynscale has already summed up the weekend better than I could hope to (the interesting/public bits of it anyway), but suffice to say I had a very nice weekend, and didn't have to be kicked out of the house to go ranging with the dog once (I was cranky enough last week that this was a serious threat). Sore and tired, but pleasantly so, and in good proportions. I do still have too much on my plate, as I was trying to play catchup last night on all the other things on my to-do list, but nevermind that.

The salient point that I think bears noting is that [ profile] zylch was over last night while [ profile] featherynscale and I were looking at computer parts online. When I mentioned that I've had my computer longer than I've had [ profile] kittenpants in my life, [ profile] zylch said she didn't think the upgrading process worked quite the same way. At which point I put my hands on [ profile] featherynscale's shoulders and said, "Nah, in our house we just multi-thread."

Well, laugh!
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Click here (if you want).
Take the quiz (if you like).
Post your results.
See my results. )


Aug. 24th, 2005 04:39 pm
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So an update on my vasectomy, previously known as The Surgery Happening Tomorrow"™. Apparently my doctor, who I had/have great faith and confidence in, has come down sick, and won't be able to do the procedure tomorrow. Good choice on his part; I don't want any sneezing, allergies, or muscle spasms while he's down there, really.

"How about next Thursday?" they ask. "Errrr, no, we're driving for 12 hours the following day." "Oh."

A bit more dickering with the schedule, and we settle upon a Friday date early in September. Which means, yes, that for my first wedding anniversary, I'll be going under (over?) the knife to get snipped.

The irony is fuckin' killing me.
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Since [ profile] featherynscale made reference to it, I should catch everybody up on what's going on with regards to my sex life. To wit, I'm getting a vasectomy done, based partially on the fact that it's (much) cheaper for me to get snipped than it is for our household to continue paying for *2* sets of female birth control hormones. Condoms are cheaper, true, but the main reason is that none of us actually want to have children. I've got 7 siblings, for crissake, several of them young enough to be my kids, if you squint your eyes right. I've also got a godden-daughter, and enough nieces, nephews, and kids-of-friends to keep me satisfied in the "who shall I buy this annoyingly loud toy for" department for the rest of my natural life. :)

Would you like to know more? )

So I'm tentatively scheduled for August 25th in the afternoon, at which point I'll be on strict bedrest for a few days and then recuperating just before DragonCon, as it turns out. And they're giving me Valium. By the way [ profile] featherynscale, I didn't have to use your "doctor's note", as the forms only have one blank for spousal consent, but you are listed on the "contact sheet", just below [ profile] kittenpants as "wife", as "girlfriend". So that'll be fun for the intake nurse to figure out...
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And now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put ointment on my new 4" tattoo.

Picture of healing process so far )

More photos can be found here. The red 'flames' you see are actually greywork mist, the skin's just enflamed from the procedure. I did not "cry like a little girl", as [ profile] featherynscale was wondering, but it does hurt quite a bit more over the bone of the shoulder. To me, the three/four-needle process of filling was fascinating; [ profile] kittenpants did not turn green *once*, which I'm very impressed with. We told her to just think of it as subdermal art, and nevermind the delivery method. :)

Obviously it's a little tender right now. Be glad we didn't have the camera in the shop (Triple Crown in Westport): I may heal quickly, but I bleed like a sonofabitch initially.

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