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That has to win for "weirdest multi-night dream sequence" in the history of...ever.

23. 90 127 3 3 51. 20. 35. )

Of course, that freed up some memory to watch the rest of the dream, but besides the preacher gig, I didn't learn anything interesting except that "yabba day one" (phonetically) is/will have been being slang for a "Mr. Yuck" style reaction to something. I am irrationally disappointed to have been unable to confirm this so far via Google.
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Things proceed apace in the real world, mostly keeping me too busy to post here.

However, the world is full of Feckin' Weird, and misery shared is misery halved. I'm counting on you, faithful readers, to get me down below 5% as quickly as possible. Yeesh!

The following links may be upsetting to those who do not have or want (more) kids. And probably disturbing to some/many parents too, but... anyway.
  1. Photo gallery of incredibly life-like dolls.
    “Children talk to their dolls, and they express their feelings toward their dolls,” she told Lauer. “And as a 40- or 50- or 60-year-old woman, you do the same thing. You’re still the same person you were when you were an 8-year-old.”
    Infantilism of women for I can kinda see the point about comforting the grieving or elderly, but... wow. Serious skeeve factor here, courtesy of the Uncanny Valley probably. (courtesy of [ profile] catwalk)
  2. The Duggar family announces the sex of their upcoming 18th child. They're still struggling with a unique name that'll start with J. I'm recommending Jehoshaphine, as in "Jehoshaphat, they know what causes that now!" (this one comes by way of [ profile] dark_christian, I think)
  3. Alternately, a Nebraska man gives up his nine kids, aged 1 to 17, under Safe Haven law. I'm actually a little torn on this one, as the man obviously wasn't in a good place to handle that many dependents by himself, while unemployed. On the other hand, your wife died in childbirth, guy...maybe stop a little sooner next time?!? (this one just comes off the wires)
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Friday evening a mosque in Dayton, Ohio gets attacked with an airborne chemical irritant, and by Monday afternoon there's only four stories about it on Google News?!?

We're doomed.
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Went to go see Wanted last night, which was actually extremely enjoyable (and had a better plot than I expected, frankly). The trailers make it seem like gun-kata, but I actually think "car-kata" occurs more often... amazing stuntwork. And the scene near the end of James McAvoy tearing through the factory is worth the price of admission all by itself.

However, on the way home I experienced the worst bout of acid reflux I think I've ever had, and had to pull over for a moment to get the taste of bile out of my mouth. Unfortunately once my body had the idea, it sort of... ran with it, and I've been up and down all night trying to get comfortable. Food still sounds 100% unappealing to me, so I'm going to go try to get as little work done as possible this morning and then crash back out, hopefully.
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What the hell? I've heard this song referenced three times this morning; once as a cover, twice in the lyrics of other songs.

What's this song all about, anyway?
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She drives a gold Honda Accord )
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So we've mashed together Nikolai Tesla, Ben Franklin, passenger pigeons, the French losing WW II, dilithium crystals, and the Statue of Liberty into a causality chain tonight (while stone cold sober, no less).

[Poll #1193020]

The options are, of course, not all mutually exclusive.
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Spent most of last night's dreamtime working at a group home in Iowa, although neither of the ones I actually worked at. At least, those places lacked such amenities as a parking garage within which we could play soccer, or a 6-foot-high balance beam affectionately referred to as "Jesus has the Mojo" (or perhaps that was the nearby alcove with a mural of Jesus doing Karate Kid stuff on the back wall). On the other hand, we didn't have pregnant teenagers who thought they were Rockettes, or kids with electronic keys (trusties?), or staff with electronic keys for that matter...

Weird. Fun, and nostalgic, but very weird... especially since I was just in Iowa for the weekend, and trying to figure out how to pay for/keep an eye on my apartment back in Kansas City.
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  • Took my first bike ride of the season yesterday
    • The trip up to Red Bridge is a lot easier when you have gears that work reliably - thanks [ profile] kittenpants!
    • Yay shock absorbers!
    • Yay brakes, since I nearly got creamed at Minor Drive & Holmes, again.
  • The dog was off his line again when we got home last night.
  • Something unexpected may have started thawing out... (cryptic, but that's all I can say at the moment)
  • I found my first (attached) tick this morning.
Also, new icon.
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It's amazing: after nearly ten years away from active coding there, certain music I used to use as accompaniment to LPC coding on Ancient Anguish still makes my brain (and fingers!) recall the process all too well. That's what comes of logging something like 250 days online there during and after college...

I dropped in last night during my evening off, and found it easier to fix an error in the mudlib than remember how to send mail within the system... I'm sure that's indicative of something, but I'm not wholly sure what.

In other news, part of what got me to drop by there yesterday was a serendipitous bit of trivia I came across a few days ago. See, there was/is a part of the game where you can pick up bounties on certain NPCs, then go out and hunt them down, knock them unconscious, and return them for more reward than you would strictly get for killing them. One of them was called "Agrajag the Assassin", which I thought was just the output of one of those D&D name generators. Little did I know he had a previous life as a flowerpot...
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While looking through my Collection O' Business Cards for the contact information for Pepsi's Vending Machine Loss Prevention guy ([ profile] featherynscale wants to put her gremlin skills to more lawful - and gainful! - use), I came across a business card for a neighborhood services employee from Grandview. I remembered talking to him 4-5 years ago while attending a Homeowners' Association meeting, and he asked me about the possibilities for moving up in the world by transferring to KCMO, since he'd pretty much hit the ceiling for skills in little ol' Grandview.

"Mike S..., Mike S... why does that still sound familiar?" Oh, right. He's been the Tow Services manager for KCMO for the last year or two. Well done, Mike! (this also may explain why he's always so boisterously enthusiastic when he sees me in the halls, or maybe he's just always that way)

It's weird being in one town for this long, and having a job where even people I don't "know", know me sometimes.
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[ profile] featherynscale and I went and saw The Bank Job last night; it's worth every bit of the time and energy you put into it (which I mostly spent in trying to figure out who was double-crossing whom). Terribly, terribly British, and rollicking good fun besides. I had somehow missed seeing Jason Statham in anything before this (I know, I know..), although I did see his doppleganger in Hitman. Me likey, even though my favorite was Lord "I haven't had this much excitement since the War" Mountbatten.

Also, I have totally added The Forgotten Kingdom to my don't-even-pretend-like-we're-not-going list (along with Iron Man, Prince Caspian, Hellboy II, and Indiana Jones, for those keeping score at home). I mean, Jet Li fights Jackie Chan; what more could you ask for? It's gonna be a busy summer, I can tell already...

::edit:: On the other hand, I seem to be inheriting K's faceblindness; I really did think that was Shia LaBeouf in TFK; turns out some guy named Michael Angarano instead. And we argued for quite some time on where we'd seen Saffron Burroughs before...
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In honor of Content-Free Friday, I took a trip down the radical feminist batshit wackjob rabbit hole this morning (blame [ profile] oreibasia, and thank [ profile] johanna_hypatia for correcting me on tarring all rad-fem with the same brush).

Wow... parallel language structure is fascinating. However I do have one question: can anyone point me to where radical feminism debunked queer theory? Is this a particular essay, or is it just not 'feminist enough', like post-modern feminism?
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  1. Konqueror does not work at all with the IE-only mapping software on (this is not a surprise, but I now have confirmation).
  2. Using IE does not necessarily guarantee that the mapping software will work, of course.
  3. May not build a Faraday cage within the City Limits of Kansas City, Missouri.
  4. "Impact Zone", in Zoning terms, apparently means that may be hit by a car/train/bus, since they're all shown in streets and railroad lines.
  5. PBWiki is very clever about many things; however it's a bit too clever about how it adds people to notifications - sorry about that, those who were getting our private wiki's updates. *roll*
  6. There are huge tracts of undeveloped land within the 435 loop that could possibly be had for a song. Eeenteresting....
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The Good )
The Bad )
The Ugly )
...and the just-plain-Odd )
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Courtesy of [ profile] arkhamrefugee (sort of):
The 8 Strangest Communities on the Web.

Pretty much work-safe, with adult ...errr, "concepts".

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