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We went to go see G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra this weekend, and I can say without reservation that if you liked the comic/cartoon, you'll like the movie (which is, in fact, a live-action cartoon, for all intents and purposes). If you didn't like/get the original, your reaction may be more mixed.

Was it a good film? )

Was it a fun film? )

Overall it's an extremely fun, extremely goofy summer movie, which is exactly what I wanted. As [ profile] featherynscale said, "I've never fist-pumped at a movie this many times before." If you liked the original, this is worth seeing, and definitely on the big-screen. Someone asked about seeing it at the drive-in; my only concern with that would be that much of the dialog is done through face masks, distortion, or intercom/radio gear, so understanding some of it may be difficult without SurroundSound.
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Setting: Six-lane divided highway, at normal speeds (assume 65mph/105kph, to minimize regional bias). Protagonist is driving a taxicab in the middle lane. Antagonist is driving a smaller (30-seat or so) school bus in the right-hand lane. Any other occupancy of the bus is up to you to determine.

Requirements: Protagonist must stop or disable the bus, but may only use the taxicab or themselves as a weapon (no firearms for shooting out tires, no swords/adamantium claws to remove the rear axle). Property damage, shooting/SFX budget, and collateral civilian injury are NOT restricted.

For the movie version: Who is your director? Who is your protagonist actor? Does the choice of actor directly influence the effectiveness of the method you chose (i.e. Bruce Willis/Chuck Norris)?

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...okaaay, no more chocolate cake Bond movies after midnight. Or maybe it was the Ethiopian food.

a Quantum of Spoilers herein )

And, James Bond is why we can't have nice things. The Aston Martin, in the first 2 minutes. The Tosca opera. The skylight. The other skylight. The hotel room. The other hotel rooms. The entire fuel-cell-run hotel (that was totally unnecessary, by the way).Yeesh, the body count was actually kind of low (for Bond), but the property damage is gonna break MI-6's budget.

We went to the late-late show (got home around 1AM, still discussing the film) and I think my brain didn't have time to spin down properly. My dreams were all full of logistical failure; trying to coordinate multi-session small-group discussion In Person, with a single clipboard, 5 rooms, 60 people (including late arrivals) and possibly a party going on. For groupwork that (I think) was supposed to happen online. Durrrr... then that gave way to a dream about a G.C. business meeting in which one candidate for a job blocked consensus on the other candidate, [ profile] zylch inexplicably tackled (in a slow motion, I-love-you-don't-shoot-yourself-in-the-foot sort of way) the blocker to talk them out of it, and then we had to expand the meeting into two rooms so we could sing "Kumbaya" in one room while certain people talked with the blocker in the other half. What. The. Hell?

Oh, and Happy Birthday Larke!
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When you see this, post in your own journal with your favorite quote from The Princess Bride. Preferably not "As you wish" or the Inigo Montoya speech.

Fezzik: You just shook your head, doesn't that make you happy?

Wesley: Your strength, his steel, and my brains against 60 men, and you think a little head jiggle is supposed to make me happy?! Hmmm?

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And you don't get much more content-free than this scene from A Scanner Darkly:

Robert Downey's drug-fueled retort about 1:00 in tends to render me speechless with laughter, for some reason...
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Went to go see Wanted last night, which was actually extremely enjoyable (and had a better plot than I expected, frankly). The trailers make it seem like gun-kata, but I actually think "car-kata" occurs more often... amazing stuntwork. And the scene near the end of James McAvoy tearing through the factory is worth the price of admission all by itself.

However, on the way home I experienced the worst bout of acid reflux I think I've ever had, and had to pull over for a moment to get the taste of bile out of my mouth. Unfortunately once my body had the idea, it sort of... ran with it, and I've been up and down all night trying to get comfortable. Food still sounds 100% unappealing to me, so I'm going to go try to get as little work done as possible this morning and then crash back out, hopefully.
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Almost finished (halfway through the last book) with Harry Turtledove's Timeline-191 series. When I do, I'm pretty sure this'll be the longest series of books I've ever finished, at least until Mssr. Sanderson finishes the Wheel of Time. Almost 6000 pages of excellent alternate history, but he has the same flaw that Robert Jordan does/did; he apparently intimidates his editor into NOT doing his job, cutting redundant passages and 'stock phrases' where he should. It could also be tightened up a bit, like any series of 11 books might. Still, very entertaining (if something with the least-PC language you can imagine and, by the end, multiple nuclear bomb attacks in the Second World War can be called entertaining). I'd recommend it. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to reclaiming my dialect... there's so much regional/generational 'authenticity' that it's starting to bleed over into my own speech patterns.

Speaking of "rocks fall", we went to go see the new Indy Jones movie last night as part of a fundraiser for Concerned Care, Inc. Riotously funny film (although I imagine the cash bar helped), totally ridiculous plot, and more in-jokes than you can shake a fedora at. [ profile] princessboredom apparently found it 'boring', but I have to wonder how much she's seen of the first three films. There's a lot of internal humor that won't translate well if you don't remember what came before it; on the gripping hand, Marion Ravenwood Williams!
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No big accomplishments thus far. Saw Speed Racer over the weekend, which is every bit as much an acid trip as you might imagine. Worth seeing on the big screen; hell, worth seeing on the IMAX, for that matter. Check your brain at the door and have fun, damnit. Yes, the plot has holes you can drive a Weapons Van through - did the reviewers not see the original? This ain't The English Patient, kids.

Got to play pool with [ profile] archway and [ profile] gr8wolf earlier this week; against all odds and rustiness, managed to hold my own against [ profile] gr8wolf. I need to locate my Frankencue; [ profile] saffronhare, do you think it was still in your basement when your table went away?

Not many pool tables near our house, boo. New pool icon, yay!

Other than that, just trying to keep moving forward...Games Night tonight, yay. Work tomorrow all day, boo. Possibly more fun in the evening, yay?
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Lots of things accomplished in the last several days; too busy to post much, so here's a summary.
  • Games Night on Friday, and learned a new game (Ticket to Ride, if you're curious). We'd had the game for some time, but were intimidated by what looked like a complex setup... turns out to not be bad at all.
  • Did the EarthWalk on Saturday morning (a little cooler, and a little less prepared this time - next year we're totally bringing a flag!)
  • Afterward, cooled down by going to see The Forbidden Kingdom, which is exactly what it says on the tin: non-stop kung fu silliness. Worthwhile to see in the theater, because everything is writ so large.
  • Saturday Night we got to meet a few new people, introduce several people to K.U.R.S., and have a rolling good time, even if/and we never even turned on the television for "Movie Night".
  • Got to sleep in on Sunday, which was the first time in (literally) weeks, and then a good ritual and sushi, hosted by a waiter with photographic memory.
  • Spring is here; you can tell, because I'm now officially Too Warm on a regular basis (even 75° is sometimes too much, especially in work clothes...)
  • Bought two new pairs of shoes last night (brown Rockports and black running shoes). After several years of attempting to find shoes on the cheap, I had to come to the conclusion that it was impossible at my size, and that somehow my feet have shrunk a full shoe size without having shrunk out of my old shoes. Weird. Spent way more than I expected to, but considering how many years the last pairs I bought lasted, it seems fair...
  • Seem to have acquired (with some help) all the needed props for G.C.'s Beltane ritual, and it's not even May yet!
  • Worked on our Amnesia Game for this coming Friday; judging by [ profile] featherynscale's reactions, I get to be the Bad Cop DM this time. That hardly ever happens...*muahaha*
  • Told off Time Warner Cable for mysteriously subscribing us to "Limited Basic Service" in March without permission. If you're local or have TWC elsewhere, you might want to check your bill, especially if you're on autopay like we are... (it just hit our bill this month).
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[ profile] featherynscale and I went and saw The Bank Job last night; it's worth every bit of the time and energy you put into it (which I mostly spent in trying to figure out who was double-crossing whom). Terribly, terribly British, and rollicking good fun besides. I had somehow missed seeing Jason Statham in anything before this (I know, I know..), although I did see his doppleganger in Hitman. Me likey, even though my favorite was Lord "I haven't had this much excitement since the War" Mountbatten.

Also, I have totally added The Forgotten Kingdom to my don't-even-pretend-like-we're-not-going list (along with Iron Man, Prince Caspian, Hellboy II, and Indiana Jones, for those keeping score at home). I mean, Jet Li fights Jackie Chan; what more could you ask for? It's gonna be a busy summer, I can tell already...

::edit:: On the other hand, I seem to be inheriting K's faceblindness; I really did think that was Shia LaBeouf in TFK; turns out some guy named Michael Angarano instead. And we argued for quite some time on where we'd seen Saffron Burroughs before...
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Checked my brain onto the shelf and went to go see Jumper. It was pretty much everything you'd expect: Read more... )

Anyway, worth the weekday/matinée price, certainly.
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Can't really see myself doing the Year meme going around, so I'll opt for the Movie Quote one instead:
  • Pick 15 of your favorite movies.
  • Go to IMDb (or Wikiquote) and find a quote from each movie. (or in some cases, just remember them.)
  • Post them here for everyone to guess.
  • Strike it out Italicize it when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it correctly and the name of the movie.
  • NO GOOGLING/using IMDb/Wikiquote search functions.
  • I'm stealing [ profile] jackbabalon23's rule, too - no more than two correct per person, please. I know some of you are encyclopedic in your knowledge of dumb movie lines. :)

The Quotes (last one revealed) )
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My dreamscape is often weird, but it hardly ever comes up with an entire entry for a horror movie that never existed (or at least that I've never seen). Well, a trailer and a Trivia entry, anyway:
  • "Consists primarily of recreations of headshots from 28 Days Later" - What does that even mean??
  • "Christopher Walken's humming of "BTSU" to the tune of a Catholic hymn was improvised, but the director liked it so much he kept the scene in (the trailer)." - Apparently the acronym of the title was "BTSU" - anybody have any ideas/stupid suggestions for what that stood for?
My brain has discarded the entire trailer now, of course... just those two lines remain.
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(I ordered the computer Christmas Day, which is why that topic is finally done with)

Holiday "weekend" (I had Tuesday off, but not Monday) was good overall. We failed to do about 45% of the things we had planned for Saturday, which sucked, but only a bit because a) the weather blew frozen goats, and b) we had overscheduled the day by about 32%. So we stayed home and opened presents for Yule instead.

I got some very shiny loot ) I'm sure there's some other stuff, but I'm stuck at the office and need lunch, so I can't think of it right now. Apologies if I missed yours!

We went to go see Sweeney Todd last night, which was bloody fun, if safe and predictable (which feels weird writing that). My favorite addition/change was the "Try the priest" number while staring through the shop windows at passersby. Depp and Bonham-Carter's voices were not very impressive, though the small boy was excellent. And as [ profile] featherynscale points out, Joanna looks like a Gray alien. However [ profile] jackbabalon23 is correct in labeling it "120 minutes of Sondheim and Gomorrah", heh.

Much more interesting and enjoyable was I Am Legend, with almost an hour of Will Smith acting solely opposite a dog and some mannequins (and it works). Unsurprisingly, it's doing much better in the box office.

And based on yesterday's previews, I now have an irrational desire to see Step Up 2, mainly because the dancing looks ^%%#&# incredible! So sue me.

Have I mentioned Golden Compass yet? It's an enjoyable romp, if a little dense for a children's film, but really [ profile] gamera_spinning's analysis says everything I could already. A pity it's apparently not going to do well enough to have the other two installments be made, but it made me want to read the books, so that's good.

P.S. Also and, I went to Hooter's for the first time, which surprises people for some reason. The food was not bad. The boobs were as good as advertised. The shorts were 'meh'. Also, my menu was stuck together on the inside, which doesn't bear a lot any thinking about...
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Had a chance to get away from people and into a scary movie this afternoon, so I took it. Seemed like such a good idea, I did it twice, actually.

First up was Halloween at the $2 theater. I have to give Rob Zombie credit, he did a good job with this one; it's very coherent and psychological. Be warned, if you've wanted to see the original/original series but haven't, you should see those first, as this reverses the order in which a major plot point is revealed. Malcolm McDowell does a creditable Dr. Loomis, and Scout Taylor-Compton does a good job of differentiating herself from Jamie Lee Curtis, while staying frighteningly close to form. The less said about the ending ahead of time, the better (not because it's bad, but because it's different from the originals)

Then, to the regular theater for opening weekend of The Mist. This has always been one of my favorite King short stories, and seeing Roland in the opening scene was worth the price of admission right there. Then: Giant. Fuckoff. Bugs. &*%^(*&%&*$#^#3. Excellent effects, nicely blended with the actual footage (good choice to use film, not digital, on this one), and the adapted ending is different but good in its own right. Again, if you haven't read the original, you'll probably want to do that first (it's in Skeleton Crew IIRC).

In between the two, I ducked into the previews and first few minutes of Hitman. No link here, as it truly is not worth the price I paid to get into it. Terrible ...though what can you expect from a movie based on a video game of an assassin with a barcode on the back of his shaved head?


Nov. 17th, 2007 06:36 pm
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Do NOT, under any circumstances, no matter how much they bribe you or make you drink beforehand, go see Beowulf.

That was the worst piece of cinema I we've seen in years.... worse than Wing Commander, and possibly worse than The Chronicles of Riddick. Certainly worse than Van Helsing..!

This has been a Public Service Announcement from E3 & [ profile] celtic_elk.

Amama ua noa. The prayer has flown.
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[ profile] featherynscale put one of these together yesterday, and it was cracking me up.

Stuff ... to do )
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Just woke up from a rather grim little dream; Iraq or western Indiana? )

Yeah, that made about as much sense as Shoot 'Em Up yesterday in the theater, but a hell of a lot less enjoyable...

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