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I feel like I'm No Fun lately. I'm not sure it's true, and I'm not fishing for compliments; just kinda... worn threadbare.

Yesterday was Action!Packed!
Handfastings! )

Flirting! AIDS! Lightning Storms! )

Dinner! Failure! Dinner? Failure! Dinner and a Show, finally )

All's well that ends well? )

Not my best day. On the other hand, I've had a lot worse.
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You are in a maze of twisty green boxes...
You are in a maze of twisty green boxes...
all alike.

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Having slept about 85% of the last two days and consumed most of the contents of a box of Nyquil®, I'm feeling significantly more human/less zombified. Still running a low-grade fever, so I'll be staying home from work again (you can write that one down, if you like), but at least I don't sound like a character from The Stand anymore...
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Escaped into the woods (Camp Gaea) for the weekend, and overall it was a good thing. Weather Friday night while we were packing was utter crap, right until we drove north and west out of the storms and onto bone-dry pavement. Saturday was gorgeous, and Sunday it didn't start raining until we were packing. I'll take it.

Whilst being covered in nature, I noticed:

  • the "plague" of bugbites that hit me between God Auction and accepting that Apollo is my patron has finally ceased.
  • a marked increase in my tolerance for sun (again, go figure).
  • decreased sex drive despite the casual nudity (this is not uncommon for me while camping, but fixed when I got home).
  • finished the last half of The Mabinogi for tonight.
Came back and managed to get the GC newsletter and website done before collapsing last night (and drove home in another rainstorm last night, pulling off my Driving While Jedi trick well enough to beat my other thirds home). Since returning home, I've noticed:

  • oversensitivity to the sounds of downtown.
  • nearly complete lack of appetite/interest in food (this may be due to the extremely tasty stuff we ate in camp).
  • I slept like an angel last night. I'm pretty sure our whole house did (the camp bunks were pretty wretched).
  • my hair is driving me absolutely bonkers today; probably overconditioned/overwashed it at the camp and with repeated dunkings in the lake, but it's all in snarls. As soon as the goatee finishes growing back in, I'll be hacking at least 10" off for Locks of Love.
  • also, today I returned a bunch of crap to the library (some of which had only been overdue since July 17th), and found where many of my office pens were hiding.
Now I have to decide what to do with the rest of my August... (not a lack of choices, I can tell you that much).
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Hmmm, up since 5, guess it's time to take a walk and greet the sun, since I'm not getting back to sleep this morning... (there's more to it, but that's locked for consultation).

Bastard. If this is what having a personal patron is going to be like, I'm not sure I want Him...

Also and, (mostly unrelated) here's an interest essay: Where did the mythological creatures go?
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We (okay, mostly me) got a wild hair this weekend and rearranged the office, aka Entropic Trinity Command Center. It's a much more functional setup now for three computers, and much less inclined toward clutter, I think. We also got a wireless router and wireless-equipped printer at MicroCenter ([ profile] kittenpants' childhood friend works there, doom!) and got those set up and running (after some cursing and threatening with the printer). Range doesn't seem to be a problem for [ profile] kittenpants to work on her laptop in the main room, since she can see three wireless networks from there, two unsecured in addition to ours.

Next step: have [ profile] liquidfun come over and help us sort out the last of our intranet problems (I can see both computers if I log in, K. can see both of ours all the time, C. can see K's but not mine). Fun fun...

Also, today is Bulky Item Pickup Day, which means we discarded a bunch of things out of the house. Two dead printers, two CRTs, a bed, the dog's long-since-destroyed wading pool and blanket, a freeze-damaged hose, a broken chair, the giant stuffed bear I won at PPD, and some fascia boards that don't seem to go anywhere, to be exact. The side benefits of bulky day are twofold: one, that some of the nicer of these things will 'disappear' from the curb before the trashman comes (by this morning, the bear, the CRTs, and I think some of the boards were gone); and two, I rode around the neighborhood last night on my bike and spotted a few things that we could use. In this case, I scored a undamaged milk crate (double wide), an apparently fully functional hose roller, and best of all, two slightly used 6'-tall bookshelves. That will help put off the time when we need to build floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the main room of the house... not stop it, but at least delay it.

Step 3: Profit!
Okay, so I forgot my badge for work today.
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Last night was sort of an experiment in helpfulness, along a sideways path. Let me 'splain...

The kitchen has been getting, for lack of a better word, Scary. We've not been home a lot, which means the dishes have piled up and the stove hasn't been cleaned lately, etc. So last night my dear wife tells me that it would be really hot if I went and washed the dishes. Twist my arm, fine (this is one of my jobs in the house, on account of I have no sense of smell)... at about the same time, my girlfriend registers the unbelievable complaint that we have almost a bottle and a half of Jameson Irish Whiskey in the house, but no Scotch. The precursor to this discussion was having them hammer on my left shoulder, which has been locked up good for about a week despite having a massage from [ profile] starwyse on Saturday. It was getting better, but not great, so they put some Arnica on it and advised me to go drink some whiskey and come back in an hour.

You can see where this is going, can't you? )Also, new icon.
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That was an odd little dream. Something about driving a van ([ profile] diermuid's beater, perhaps?) around south KC, which got stuck at one point going around a flooded corner in Ward Parkway mall, and then coming back to that side of KC later and having to push it while swimming, on account of the entire western edge of KCMO becoming a lake (which I think requires all of Kansas proper to be flooded, though I haven't checked the topo lines). We had to push it past several police cars once we got it pointed north again, including the police chief (who I know) who joked "well, at least somebody's doing some work around here" while they all filmed the new lake/ocean with their video cameras.

Which led me to wake up and realize my pillow was throwing my neck out of alignment. Lovely spacefoam-style pillow for reading on, wayyyy too firm for actually sleeping on on my back. It's about 5" deep, and doesn't give much.

My busy day

Feb. 5th, 2007 04:08 pm
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  • Used up another 6-7 bundles of wood between 5am and noon, raising the house temperature 2°;
  • Called in to work on account of the above strenuous activity (and feeling like my brain was made of Jello Jigglers);
  • Raised the temperature 20° from noon to 1pm by the simple expedient of waiting for the furnace repairmen to finish their work and re-engaging the thermostat (the fireplace was still going, which helped);
  • Read half of Hogfather;
  • Took [ profile] kittenpants out for an exciting birthday lunch at Mr. Goodcents;
  • Planned a much more exciting dinner of crab for said birthday, to be executed later this evening;
  • Determined the house was not in fact too cold to have sex in if you do it in the right place (i.e. within 4 feet of the fireplace);
  • Working on a "Soundtrack" for the D&D Amnesia campaign...initial evidence supports the idea that it's "funny as hell" and "wrong". Exxxcellllent...
That's about all I've got for now... more later, after [ profile] kittenpants opens her presents.
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Argh. That was full of stupid; something about searching Kansas City (or at least the Kansas City of my dream) for something which my crazy homeless guideperson was not entirely clear on, through red lights, streets/alleys/warrens/halls too narrow for the car/cart/feet we were traveling on, all the while marveling at the amount of detritus, muck, and piled-up debris that got in our way.

It was a little like a Scavenger Hunt led by the crazy pilot from The Road Warrior, through a town built someone with post-Great Depression hoarding instincts and Boston's city planning. Also a river, and possibly some wildfires.

Seriously, I know my life is cluttered, but that was just stoopid. Made no sense even for the parts I was awake for (the dream went on about 2 hours, near as I can tell).
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Did you know...? )

I'm tired of waking up in an abbatoir (literally, this time), now.
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Sometimes, dreams about having sex are useful for more than just the obvious reasons...

Sometimes, dreaming about having sex while you're almost-late for something will wake you up when you're late for work and forgot to turn on your alarm the night before.

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Inebriated (rented) watercraft incidents involving C.L.'s little red car (which is, of course, neither little nor red), scuba diving with cell phones, and a boat-shop owner lamenting that Dread Cthulhu was not assisting him in obtaining any of that sweet 16-year-old ass any more.
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Ugh; woke up a bit ago from a dream about trying desperately to get business cards printed, which required a trip to Istanbul on the late ferry from...Thessaloniki? Yeah, I know, long fuckin' ferry, but that was my dream; I needed to get the right clay to make the gloss coating for the cards, now that I had the card stock, or possibly the rags to make the card stock...

Still decompressing from the conference, obviously. Will have a full writeup tonight or tomorrow, probably, but right now, more X-Men (we're doing the watch-the-old-ones-first thing before going to the 3:30 show at Ward Parkway).
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Of all the weird "carry-over" dreams one might have, having a discussion with your boss, in a workplace setting, wherein she is helping fill out a survey on what other people/celebrities might find appealing about you, was pretty low on the list of ones I expected.

Hell, I wouldn't have expected to have had one dream about that, much less two in one week.

Day Off

Feb. 20th, 2006 12:22 pm
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Like (most) good government drones, I get President's Day (Observed) off from work, so what do I do with it?
  • Draft bylaws;
  • Recover from [ profile] starwyse's fabulous party on Saturday;
  • Sleep in until 11, sort of;
  • Make an omelette;
  • Not wear pants for 48 hours...wait (counts back to the kilt at Star's party) like 61 hours.
Heh. Life is good.
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I slept more than 8 hours last night, which is sort of a minor miracle, but I feel like I didn't get more than a couple hours, because I spent most of the evening running through a computer game/simulation.

Let's play, 'Name that game' again )

Fairly cool game overall, though I wish I could have had more chance to rest while playing...
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Apparently no matter what time I get up or what I spend my morning doing, I will not make it in to work until 9:30 of late. This is a problem.

In other news of problems, we watched Velvet Goldmine last night. It's transfixing in parts, but only partly because of the prettiness. A lot of it is transfixing due to sheer awfulness; [ profile] featherynscale has a more complete review, but it's a movie that's crying out for a "Good Parts" version, a la The Princess Bride.

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