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So as most of you have heard, LJ's implemented some crackbrained scheme to leverage suck up to FaceBook and Twitter while making it even easier to violate people's privacy settings. Joy! So if this sparks anybody into wanting to make the jump to I'd be happy to share an invitation code (assuming you aren't impressed enough to just buy an account outright). Just drop me a comment here or at [personal profile] triadruid. We have [feed profile]  hungoverowls; I'm just saying...

I'm not going to lecture or threaten anybody. We're all adults here; if you weren't, and I found out you'd violated somebody's trust, I'd just be forced to assume you were a very tall, very unaware child.
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Originally posted by [ profile] soph at Regarding the recent news on user purging
If you've seen the recent LJ news post, please be aware that it was written from the wrong spec. While I ([info]soph, the original author of this post), am not staff, this has been confirmed officially by staff and the news post has been rewritten accordingly.

Only accounts that have no entries, or have only the initial welcome entry, will be purged.

A new [info]news post is not being made because of the issue with News posts and notifications; the backend would likely crash if two News posts were made so close to each other.

Please repost this! There is a 'Repost this' button at the bottom of this entry.

More details, including the full specification )

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...but I know not everybody reads [ profile] news. outlines a security breach that happened for about an hour last night. I've already messaged several of you who were hit (it adds four little chunks of Flash to the bottom of the post, edits the post security to Public and may change icons/tags), but I may not have caught everybody. It looks like the only really malicious thing besides the viral editing is that you may see more spam, since it saw your email address during editing even if you normally keep it private.
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Finally got around to starting up the No Coast Avengers group at [ profile] nocoast - anybody is welcome(lacking a coast where you live is recommended), and please pass on the word. I've listed a few things going on in September already (most of which I won't be able to go to) and want to get a critical mass of people over there to centralize some of the do-gooding that goes on already. Everything's more fun in a group, right?

Might try to create a FaceBook auxilliary at some point, but let's see if this part takes off, first...
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Yesterday's massive, if localized, Shipment of Race-and-Sexuality-Fail by some speculative fiction writers (I'm not linking; they've already got more publicity attention and critique than they can handle, I'm sure) caused several things to click for me regarding the issues of prejudice, -isms, and privilege that have been circling the Internets lately. I kept thinking of writing a post about it, but my brain was too tired and I had too much to do, and I'm still really in the beginning stages of understanding this crap. So instead, today I came across some essays and explanations and attempts at education; for my own information as much as any of yours, I'm collecting them here:
Sorry if this got long.
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So work re-installed Websense, or at least finally got it working on all of their proxy servers. It was sort of spotty before I left for vacation, but now it's like bleedin' Alcatraz. By which I mean rusty, full of holes, and operated in a way that makes very little sense for the inmates employees.

I contented myself yesterday with a few breaching experiments while I waited for other stuff/needed a break, but my LJ (and most other Google) access is extremely limited during the day for the forseeable future. C'est la job.
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I would like to graph several pairs of RGB triplets (#FFBB99,#000020 for example), but cannot figure out how to do it properly without folding space and time in unfortunate ways.

Any ideas that don't involve six dimensions?
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I was, as you might imagine, a huge X-Files fan back in the day (geeky teenager/college student without much of a social life, plus a seriously geeky/creepy Friday night show? Sign me up!) I still am, though it's tempered to the point where I haven't seen the second film yet. I think I missed a half-dozen episodes overall, mostly in the last two forgettable seasons.

Favorite episode? Nearly impossible to narrow it down that much, but "Ice" from the first season was a big favorite even in repeat viewings, and "One Breath" from Season Two. Oh, hell, let's just do 9 of them )

Favorite of all of those? Probably "The Sixth Extinction"...
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The people I stole this from are much cooler/more popular than I, but it's a worthwhile venture nevertheless:

I know how all of you are just dying to do something fun on this dreary Monday morning. So here it is! Time for a FRIENDING FRENZY! So tell your friends and have them tell their friends! It'll be a meme of wacky proportions. No lurkers or wallflowers here; everyone should post a little something about themselves. Or a lot. Whichever you feel led to do. If you have a picture, throw that on there too.

So let's get some new friending action going here, people!

Many of you already know each other. However, some of you don't; why not start today (unless you're like me and you already read too many LJs in a day...). And some of you probably don't know that you know each other... yano?
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Courtesy of [ profile] matchgirl42, here's a head's up on another change to the way LJ works:

According to her, no longer allows Basic Accounts to receive email notifications of comments. That would well and truly suck, if true. I'm still paid for another half-year, can somebody else confirm?

::edit:: According to comments below, this may be just a case of transient error, not nefarious purposes. *shrug* Hard to say...
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I love that one of the people complaining violently complaining about the "Open Source Boob Project" writes "bad gay fanfiction" about guys. Because that's totally not hypocritical...
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In honor of Content-Free Friday, I took a trip down the radical feminist batshit wackjob rabbit hole this morning (blame [ profile] oreibasia, and thank [ profile] johanna_hypatia for correcting me on tarring all rad-fem with the same brush).

Wow... parallel language structure is fascinating. However I do have one question: can anyone point me to where radical feminism debunked queer theory? Is this a particular essay, or is it just not 'feminist enough', like post-modern feminism?
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For the record, I'm more prone at this point to leave LJ due to the whining than SUP's poor communication and lax customer service. Not sure either is 'likely', but...

The loss of Basic accounts is vaguely irritating, but really: Invite Codes. Anybody remember those?
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Will be out-of-pocket today, in the Faraday cage underground storage facility our office uses. So in lieu of me posting anything, I give you a meme for me to return to, and work on... (caught this originally from [ profile] arkhamrefugee I believe):

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, etc. Repost in your own journal so that we can all learn more about each other.
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With all the drama over non-childsafe posts, you'd think they'd have figured out that this post:Cut for length AND adult language ) probably should NOT have made it into their Latest Posts feed, linked to from their home page for non-logged-in visitors to the site. I cached the post just in case it's filtered later, not to spur on drama (I have no idea who this person is).

As [ profile] diermuid said yesterday, this is likely a knee-jerk reaction to Protect the Children crusaders, more than a business decision by SixApart's upper management or a "coding initiative" by their trained codemonkeys. But that doesn't mean I have to support or endorse it, or refrain from telling them what a bad idea it was.

However, since my paid account JUST renewed for another year, I'll probably avoid any knee-jerk departures myself, but see what the social networking site landscape looks like in six months or so. I like the functionality of LiveJournal, but the last year and a half or so have shown increasingly irritating/stupid business and corporate decisions. It's too bad their user stats are private now, I wonder what the actual exodus has been...
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This FYI is making the rounds, so I'm doing my part:

The new 'adult content'/flagging entries functionality that recently was added to the system had one retroactive change: all search results are defaulting to "Moderate filtering". You can change this, if you wish, by visiting and scrolling down to the new "Adult content options" section. The last dropdown is what has been pre-set; everything else is apparently defaulting to disabled, as it should be.

Reaction goes here )
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Still haven't gotten to that actual contentful-post, but these were too good to pass up:

  1. 10 Universities Offering Free Science Courses Online - nuff said (again, courtesy of the friends-list of [ profile] anachrotech). I wonder if someone has a Calculus refresher course...
  2. LiveJournal Add-Ons for Firefox - the ability to unfold lj-cuts on the fly, expand all comments on large pages at once, etc, is neat; haven't explored all the other junk in this extension, but it seems well-coded, if a bit heavy.

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