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Hello, Dreamwidth/LiveJournal... it's been 34 days since my last confession entry. Actually that seems to be the new pattern, looking back at January and such. Oh well, that means I'm living life, right? Sorta. Life is indeed busy, but some of it is good (really good) and some is really weird/bad.

Thing the First: I'm COVERED in poison-ivy-or-something-like right now, and I'm one of those lucky folks who can transfer minute amounts of urushiol from one part of my body to another, even though that's not supposed to be possible. I'm 99% sure I got it at the annual Blue River Rescue, but it's driving me batty. Topical creams aren't doing crap, so half the time I'm zoned out on Benadryl. I think I've got some in my shoes from several years ago too that keeps giving me foot blisters, and just learned that you can supposedly deactivate it with a hot wash cycle. Worth it even if it trashes my shoes' finish. BATTY I TELL YOU.

Thing the 2nd: Just finished cardiac rehabilitation - by the end I'd ran 5k (on a treadmill), ran a 7:56 mile, and only tried to pass out once. I've got a much better idea of my current cardiac capacity (AND limits!) which is kind of the point... still should get a HR monitor, but finances are tight enough right now to make it a lower priority. Still doing Fitocracy and still find it useful as a motivator, but they've just pushed through an *unfortunate* graphical redesign that is only slowly getting better. The problem with Internet startups is that they can try to Chase All The Things too much and end up doing nothing very well, but the people of the site are fantastic. If you were interested when I announced it before, they are now out of beta and you no longer need an invite to join. I'm 'naybliss' there; I think if you are on FB it will give you an autoprompt for friends you know there.

Thing the 2nd-and-a-half: Having finished cardiac rehab, K and I wanted to join a gym to keep going. One of my rehab nurses mentioned the Bene-Fit gym near us in the Red Bridge Shopping Center; turns out after going there that she's related to the owner! Also one of our neighbors works the front desk, and recognized us by our car. Heh, small world, etc. Anyway, we've gone twice so far and it's a very nice little gym. Decent hours, especially for an independently-run establishment. And the price is right; Bronze membership starts at just $10/month!

Thing the 2nd-and-two-thirds: Speaking of finances, 'bounced' my bank account the other day in a surprising turn of events. We've been dining out more and made a few bigger purchases lately, but that's no excuse for not keeping better track. Was able to transfer things around and avoid any major problems, but meh, embarrassing.

Part E: Boulevard has a Barleywine. A rye barleywine, and it's frickin' amazing. Complex, rich, warm, colorful, fantastic finish, and 11%ABV to boot. Whee? Related: Martin City Brewing Company is pretty awesome for a new restaurant, despite not (yet) having their own brewery license in place. Both the food and the staff are excellent, though the place can be a little loud (uhh, we helped with that problem, actually).

ζ: Mafia Scum suffered a catastrophic, unpredictable server outage that wiped out months of posts due to a suboptimal backup procedure. Many games were recovered via the amazing utilization of Google Cache by some very clever users, but my latest giant game got destroyed. Which is not the tragedy it could have been, as the game was just Too Damn Big and flawed in its core. Still, it's both stunted my desire to run games for a while and (hopefully) rekindled my efforts to work on the back end and site skins. Time will tell...

Seventhly: Finally finished painting the front door yesterday. When it got surprise-replaced last fall, we got the wild-ass idea of painting it copper, but that's not really a practical basecoat color for insurance contractors to implement. So we got a basecoat down in a sort of pumpkin color and then it got too cold to paint the glaze on. I'll try to get a picture posted soon, but it really does look surprisingly like

Ochtú: Miss the gaming; we've been SUPERbusy lately and less frivolous (well, sort-of) pursuits have taken precedence. Exercising in particular is becoming addictive in a good way... Games Night still happens, of course, but the RPGs are on the backburner. Ideas continue to flow, which is a step beyond first-world-problems, I'm guessing.

3*3: We'll be missing JordanCon this year, it appears. The massive drive, the expense-per-unit-of-fun (not that it's not fun, but it's really concentrated in one fandom, for the most part) and general burnout on extroverted activities led us to this conclusion. I think we'll end up going out of town somewhere that weekend anyway, just someplace closer and quieter. Going next year AFTER the release of the final book is probably a better use of limited resources. K and I are almost to the end of TFoH in our rereadaloud, with an excellent book coming next. A coworker who also happens to be a total wotfan gifted me the audiobooks in digital format too, so I've put them on the mp3 player and started listening to them in one ear at work. Funny how much of the first book I have near-memorized after 15 rereads...

Lastish: All complaining aside, life is pretty good. There's other stuff going on that is either too small or too private to mention, but if you made it this far, well done.
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So as most of you have heard, our roof parted ways with us (and itself) last Friday. Cleverly enough, our homeowner's insurance appears to actually cover this sort of thing, so we'll be getting new coverage sometime Real Soon Now. We even get our choice of shingles (within reason)! Mostly we're down to one light color and one dark color, but you can take a look if you like...

Current (or should I say, former) roofline of our house.
Current (or should I say, former) roofline of our house.

Options behind the cut )

Potential pictures provided by Owens-Corning's rather nifty visualization tool. You can do roofs, siding, stonework, and other changes all with their model homes or a shot of your current place (ignore the armature on the porch).

::edit:: Pictures of the damage are up at
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Even though all of the X-mas gifts today have been intangibles, it's still as good a day as any to de-clutter the house. One thing we've noticed is that we still have 873 million 7-day candle containers from when [ profile] kittenpants was keeping a perpetual flame in the the fireplace. Refilling them seems like a good idea, until you find out that bulk wax is more expensive than the candles themselves, without even taking into account the colossal PITA that is cleaning them and then pouring wax.

Anybody have a project that would make good use of some of these? It can be your project or an idea for us, but they're taking up a significant amount of real-estate... there's seriously upwards of 200 of them around, probably, mostly in boxes of 12.

Also, if anybody uses a great deal of Knox gelatine or xanthan gum, let us know as we have unused containers of that too, and no reasonable hope of using it up before the heat death of the universe.
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Fractal's house is still in the process of reconfiguring itself, and one of the ways that I'd like to do that is by reworking the Traditional American Golf Course Lawn into something lower-maintenance, lower-impact, and still attractive. Since the implosion of our former lawn company, it's been understandably difficult to find someone willing to mow the half-acre behemoth for the old rate. We don't want it mowed every week to a maximum height of 1", either... we're not going for the Better Homes & Gardens award here, kids. But the city gets cranky if your greenery goes above 10".

Since the fence went up and the number of dogs doubled, the back yard has been more-or-less self-maintaining from four-footed traffic; it'll probably need to be mowed only once or twice a month going forward. However the front yard is in a low/well-irrigated place (our street has swales, not curbs) and grows at an absurd rate in the summer months. We might even have to get it mowed once more this year.

Read more... )

Anybody else looked into this?
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...but it's Wednesday, which means I'm home instead.

Never been so happy to be done with a trip. Which is not to say that the vacation was not lovely and delightful*, because it was, but 3000 miles in a week, with lots of walking on the days when your butt is not numb from the car seat, is a little much. I may have finally cured myself of the need to obsessively plan every stage of a vacation (yes, those of you who have traveled with me can stop laughing now).

More later, I'm sure. I'll never catch up on LJ, so sue me. Right now, laundry and unpacking, especially the frakking laptop cord...

* Except Connecticut. Fuck THAT place right in the ear, on a Sunday afternoon.
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At last, Hell's Half Acre* is entirely fenced in. Many3 thanks to all of the helpers along the way, especially [ profile] zylch and yesterday's Epic Crew, who worked on it from most of Noon-10PM ([ profile] zylch and [ profile] featherynscale and I, plus [ profile] lilia_blackbear, [ profile] druidevo, and [ profile] niveus_tigris who came in late and had a fresh arm for the penultimate nailing jobs). We wrapped up last night with everything but the gate done, and went to [ profile] ruisseau's graduation party, which was Most Excellent. *grin* Drank prodigiously, flirted shamelessly, and stayed up way too late, then woke up and jiggered in the final gate in time for Marley to arrive.

Fractal was highly suspicious of this effort to box him in (including placing himself or his run line right in the way as many times as possible), but once he realized it meant more yard to sniff/hunt/run/pee on, he seems to have forgiven us. Both dogs are now making the rounds of their newly expanded space, both searching for weaknesses in the containment field and, I'm sure, Small Fuzzy Mammals. They're mostly ignoring the people calling to them, which is probably a good sign (mostly we just wanted pictures).

Speaking of pictures, this project has gone on much longer than intended, in part due to the amazing amount of rain we've gotten since starting on May 24th. In fact, here's what the 30-day retrospective on precipitation looks like:
Cut for image )
See that purple spot south of Kansas City? Yeah, that's us.... 11+ inches in the last 20-30 days, almost all of it since the 24th. Frigging Midwestern weather! Now, food and maybe a movie - it's a little hard to wrap your brain around the fact that there's No More To Be Done on this project!

* We haven't figured out the new name for the house yet, but after this project and considering the two new occupants, this name seems appropriate for the yard.
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  1. Konqueror does not work at all with the IE-only mapping software on (this is not a surprise, but I now have confirmation).
  2. Using IE does not necessarily guarantee that the mapping software will work, of course.
  3. May not build a Faraday cage within the City Limits of Kansas City, Missouri.
  4. "Impact Zone", in Zoning terms, apparently means that may be hit by a car/train/bus, since they're all shown in streets and railroad lines.
  5. PBWiki is very clever about many things; however it's a bit too clever about how it adds people to notifications - sorry about that, those who were getting our private wiki's updates. *roll*
  6. There are huge tracts of undeveloped land within the 435 loop that could possibly be had for a song. Eeenteresting....
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Oi. My list of Big Projects I Want To Do is wholly and entirely out of control.

In no particular order ) But now? Now, I go outside and ride my bike, because it's F***ing Gorgeous Out. ::edit:: Or not... I forgot that I left it down by the railroad tracks before Wild Hare's Fall Equinox ritual...I found most of a wheel. Guess I'll go pick up trash instead.
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[ profile] featherynscale had already fled upstairs. I slowly crept around the corner, found a weapon, and returned, all in darkness and as much silence as I could manage. Then I turned on the lights, one by one, to corner him. Much scuffle ensued, and I'm afraid her room is a little the worse for wear. But after many blows, he finally stopped leaping at me and succumbed. I disposed of the body, and triumphantly climbed the stairs.

[ profile] featherynscale was at the top of the stairs, passed out on the couch and obviously exhausted from the ordeal. The adrenaline was jumping in my veins, but I woke her as gently as I could and said, "It's over. He's dead."

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Picked up our engagement rings yesterday, which was surprisingly drama-free* and quick, despite the blistering heat. Pictures soon to follow, as soon as we can get [ profile] kittenpants's hands paint-free long enough to take them (so - maybe October?). :D Montanari also mentioned that [ profile] zerself and [ profile] closer_to_fine came in on our referral, and were excited for them as well!

Got some housework done last night, which is sort of a change (I've been in-screw non-essential duties mode for waaaay too long, and having [ profile] dramaticaddict as our maid hasn't assisted my resolve), and then curled up in bed with a cup of chamomile tea and Terry Pratchett. Long about 10:20 I felt sleepy, so I opted to actually go to bed at a humane hour. Maybe I'm getting the hang of this relaxation thing...

Of course, for my troubles I got weird dreams. Where did my brain eat that? )

* Neither ring shop gave us a hassle about two women picking up wedding bands, or the other one picking up matching bands when they knew two of us were married already. Montanari has been incredibly cool the entire time (as always), and Vinca only was snotty to us when [ profile] featherynscale and I went in in our "street clothes" to check on the status of the rings, and the owner/manager/gentleman behind the counter wouldn't even get up and check on it for us.
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So last night we were meeting free, and [ profile] featherynscale made tasty seafood for dinner so we didn't even have to go out. Which left us with an unreasonable amount of time at home with nothing on the 'have to do' schedule. Naturally, that void was filled very quickly, by deciding to shuffle the the downstairs bedroom's dresser to the garage, the upstairs bedroom's furniture to the downstairs bedroom, and the recently delivered bedroom furniture in the garage to the upstairs bedroom. All without a hand-truck, professional movers, or common sense (especially the part where the analogy of caber tossing was utilized). I think you had to be there to understand just how stupid this was...and yet it all worked, with no one getting hurt, and a net 'gain' of three items for the Gaia Community garage sale next weekend. Apologies to [ profile] kittenpants though for disrupting her original plan of gessoing canvases...

And then, there was the bath. Oh yes, there was a bath.
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Weird little dream there, in which I was the suburban (or possibly soap opera) version of al'Lan Mandragoran, complete with modern dress, swimming to safety, and sneaking into my house before the bad guys showed up in their beige Toyota. Or whatever; at least it woke me up early enough to be an actual hero and take the trash & recycling out.

In other heroic news, our lawn guy came and harvested scythed down the yard. Turns out he has a new number (and address, apparently).
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That seems to have been the theme of yesterday.

That, and our basement trying to flood again.
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We (okay, mostly me) got a wild hair this weekend and rearranged the office, aka Entropic Trinity Command Center. It's a much more functional setup now for three computers, and much less inclined toward clutter, I think. We also got a wireless router and wireless-equipped printer at MicroCenter ([ profile] kittenpants' childhood friend works there, doom!) and got those set up and running (after some cursing and threatening with the printer). Range doesn't seem to be a problem for [ profile] kittenpants to work on her laptop in the main room, since she can see three wireless networks from there, two unsecured in addition to ours.

Next step: have [ profile] liquidfun come over and help us sort out the last of our intranet problems (I can see both computers if I log in, K. can see both of ours all the time, C. can see K's but not mine). Fun fun...

Also, today is Bulky Item Pickup Day, which means we discarded a bunch of things out of the house. Two dead printers, two CRTs, a bed, the dog's long-since-destroyed wading pool and blanket, a freeze-damaged hose, a broken chair, the giant stuffed bear I won at PPD, and some fascia boards that don't seem to go anywhere, to be exact. The side benefits of bulky day are twofold: one, that some of the nicer of these things will 'disappear' from the curb before the trashman comes (by this morning, the bear, the CRTs, and I think some of the boards were gone); and two, I rode around the neighborhood last night on my bike and spotted a few things that we could use. In this case, I scored a undamaged milk crate (double wide), an apparently fully functional hose roller, and best of all, two slightly used 6'-tall bookshelves. That will help put off the time when we need to build floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in the main room of the house... not stop it, but at least delay it.

Step 3: Profit!
Okay, so I forgot my badge for work today.

My busy day

Feb. 5th, 2007 04:08 pm
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  • Used up another 6-7 bundles of wood between 5am and noon, raising the house temperature 2°;
  • Called in to work on account of the above strenuous activity (and feeling like my brain was made of Jello Jigglers);
  • Raised the temperature 20° from noon to 1pm by the simple expedient of waiting for the furnace repairmen to finish their work and re-engaging the thermostat (the fireplace was still going, which helped);
  • Read half of Hogfather;
  • Took [ profile] kittenpants out for an exciting birthday lunch at Mr. Goodcents;
  • Planned a much more exciting dinner of crab for said birthday, to be executed later this evening;
  • Determined the house was not in fact too cold to have sex in if you do it in the right place (i.e. within 4 feet of the fireplace);
  • Working on a "Soundtrack" for the D&D Amnesia campaign...initial evidence supports the idea that it's "funny as hell" and "wrong". Exxxcellllent...
That's about all I've got for now... more later, after [ profile] kittenpants opens her presents.
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We took advantage of some of that intermittent energy last night; our house is now in possession of:
  • one cuendillar disk (complete with chip);
  • one enameled Dragon/Asha'man pin;
  • several Great Serpent rings;
  • 80% of a Blue Ajah shawl for [ profile] matchgirl42, and the ability/willingness/materials to make two more for our resident Greens.
All for DragonCon, naturally; it's not like we'd do something like this on a lark. *rolls eyes* Pictures to follow, possibly/probably.

On the 'destruction side', I've rediscovered the Way, the Truth, and the Light of Vacuuming, which is good. Our house is now 70% more friendly to being barefoot in.

And we must have lived in our house two years by now, because we've finally managed to figure out when Bulky Item Pickup is (by the simple expedient of [ profile] featherynscale calling to remind us that everyone else has set their stuff out). The dead clothes processor, Hob Hole door, broken fencing, doors from the office, the cat-scratch fever chair™... now with 60% less White Trash living! Sorry for grousing at you this morning when you called, K; I wasn't really conscious yet.

I'm all about percentages today, for some reason. Probably because I'm only about 50% present, and 140% overloaded...
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So yesterday was the last day of my 3-day GIS training. Except it was really the last two-hours of my 3-day training, because the Air Conditioning was out. In the Health Department building. In 95° weather. So they let us do the exercises and leave, instead of sitting through the lectures. Luckily this part was something I mostly knew about already, so it went pretty quickly. One of the plus sides of my job is that a lot of what I do (databases, volunteers, mapping, website design) cross-trains very nicely with Gaia Community and other hobby activities. I've already got a bug in my ear about the carpooling thing that's been on my To-Do list for forever...

So an 8-hour training that I expected to be ~6 hours is done in 2, and I go take care of the other things on my task list, and head home about 1pm. Sounds great, right?

Nothing's ever simple )

What's a basin wrench? We soon discover the answer to that and all of our problems, and head home to do battle with the Sink-O-Doom. Read more... )

Only it doesn't work. One of the faucets gets to the point where it will spin in the sink-hole mounting, but the other one is stuck fast, and there's not enough hammering or penetrating or screwing to satisfy anybody in this adventure, more's the pity. I need a pipe-wrench wielding... )
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Without fail, I neglect to remember that Friday = trash day on Thursday nights until I have gotten ready for bed. This entails either finding clothes again, or wandering around in a bathrobe of some sort collecting cat litter and recycled paper. However, without fail I also neglect to recall that when Monday is a holiday, trash day becomes Saturday. So now my recycled paper is sitting in the rain until tomorrow morning, because the cardboard boxes are going to be too soggy to move back inside. Oops.

While I'm admitting mistakes, up until yesterday evening I was convinced that the song I've currently got listed was performed by Bruce Springsteen. Really. Looks like Greg's drug-induced stupor didn't prevent him from absorbing a little of his contemporaries' lyrics and vocal tone...

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