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Hello, Dreamwidth/LiveJournal... it's been 34 days since my last confession entry. Actually that seems to be the new pattern, looking back at January and such. Oh well, that means I'm living life, right? Sorta. Life is indeed busy, but some of it is good (really good) and some is really weird/bad.

Thing the First: I'm COVERED in poison-ivy-or-something-like right now, and I'm one of those lucky folks who can transfer minute amounts of urushiol from one part of my body to another, even though that's not supposed to be possible. I'm 99% sure I got it at the annual Blue River Rescue, but it's driving me batty. Topical creams aren't doing crap, so half the time I'm zoned out on Benadryl. I think I've got some in my shoes from several years ago too that keeps giving me foot blisters, and just learned that you can supposedly deactivate it with a hot wash cycle. Worth it even if it trashes my shoes' finish. BATTY I TELL YOU.

Thing the 2nd: Just finished cardiac rehabilitation - by the end I'd ran 5k (on a treadmill), ran a 7:56 mile, and only tried to pass out once. I've got a much better idea of my current cardiac capacity (AND limits!) which is kind of the point... still should get a HR monitor, but finances are tight enough right now to make it a lower priority. Still doing Fitocracy and still find it useful as a motivator, but they've just pushed through an *unfortunate* graphical redesign that is only slowly getting better. The problem with Internet startups is that they can try to Chase All The Things too much and end up doing nothing very well, but the people of the site are fantastic. If you were interested when I announced it before, they are now out of beta and you no longer need an invite to join. I'm 'naybliss' there; I think if you are on FB it will give you an autoprompt for friends you know there.

Thing the 2nd-and-a-half: Having finished cardiac rehab, K and I wanted to join a gym to keep going. One of my rehab nurses mentioned the Bene-Fit gym near us in the Red Bridge Shopping Center; turns out after going there that she's related to the owner! Also one of our neighbors works the front desk, and recognized us by our car. Heh, small world, etc. Anyway, we've gone twice so far and it's a very nice little gym. Decent hours, especially for an independently-run establishment. And the price is right; Bronze membership starts at just $10/month!

Thing the 2nd-and-two-thirds: Speaking of finances, 'bounced' my bank account the other day in a surprising turn of events. We've been dining out more and made a few bigger purchases lately, but that's no excuse for not keeping better track. Was able to transfer things around and avoid any major problems, but meh, embarrassing.

Part E: Boulevard has a Barleywine. A rye barleywine, and it's frickin' amazing. Complex, rich, warm, colorful, fantastic finish, and 11%ABV to boot. Whee? Related: Martin City Brewing Company is pretty awesome for a new restaurant, despite not (yet) having their own brewery license in place. Both the food and the staff are excellent, though the place can be a little loud (uhh, we helped with that problem, actually).

ζ: Mafia Scum suffered a catastrophic, unpredictable server outage that wiped out months of posts due to a suboptimal backup procedure. Many games were recovered via the amazing utilization of Google Cache by some very clever users, but my latest giant game got destroyed. Which is not the tragedy it could have been, as the game was just Too Damn Big and flawed in its core. Still, it's both stunted my desire to run games for a while and (hopefully) rekindled my efforts to work on the back end and site skins. Time will tell...

Seventhly: Finally finished painting the front door yesterday. When it got surprise-replaced last fall, we got the wild-ass idea of painting it copper, but that's not really a practical basecoat color for insurance contractors to implement. So we got a basecoat down in a sort of pumpkin color and then it got too cold to paint the glaze on. I'll try to get a picture posted soon, but it really does look surprisingly like

Ochtú: Miss the gaming; we've been SUPERbusy lately and less frivolous (well, sort-of) pursuits have taken precedence. Exercising in particular is becoming addictive in a good way... Games Night still happens, of course, but the RPGs are on the backburner. Ideas continue to flow, which is a step beyond first-world-problems, I'm guessing.

3*3: We'll be missing JordanCon this year, it appears. The massive drive, the expense-per-unit-of-fun (not that it's not fun, but it's really concentrated in one fandom, for the most part) and general burnout on extroverted activities led us to this conclusion. I think we'll end up going out of town somewhere that weekend anyway, just someplace closer and quieter. Going next year AFTER the release of the final book is probably a better use of limited resources. K and I are almost to the end of TFoH in our rereadaloud, with an excellent book coming next. A coworker who also happens to be a total wotfan gifted me the audiobooks in digital format too, so I've put them on the mp3 player and started listening to them in one ear at work. Funny how much of the first book I have near-memorized after 15 rereads...

Lastish: All complaining aside, life is pretty good. There's other stuff going on that is either too small or too private to mention, but if you made it this far, well done.
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Went to go see Wanted last night, which was actually extremely enjoyable (and had a better plot than I expected, frankly). The trailers make it seem like gun-kata, but I actually think "car-kata" occurs more often... amazing stuntwork. And the scene near the end of James McAvoy tearing through the factory is worth the price of admission all by itself.

However, on the way home I experienced the worst bout of acid reflux I think I've ever had, and had to pull over for a moment to get the taste of bile out of my mouth. Unfortunately once my body had the idea, it sort of... ran with it, and I've been up and down all night trying to get comfortable. Food still sounds 100% unappealing to me, so I'm going to go try to get as little work done as possible this morning and then crash back out, hopefully.
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This morning I stubbed my toe for about the seventeenth time in the last month... both big toenails are now cracked and doing stoopid healing tricks. And then, this morning it spread... not one, but two people within five minutes stumbled or tripped over the ground when they walked past me on my way to City Hall (and no, neither were the usual downtown zombies - the second one was a very pretty young woman in a business suit).

What the hell, kids? I'm not usually a particularly clumsy person, and I *think* I'm getting enough sleep...

::edit:: Aaaand got another one, getting into the elevator at the doctor's office this afternoon. And she was in front of me, so I can't be blamed for 'distracting' this one!
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So my previous dentist continues to cause me pain and suffering... today was to be my first appointment with Davis Family Dental, a kind and friendly place. Read more... )

So anyway, the short version is, stay the HELL away from Barry Schwartz, DDS.
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Musical cues were not so good on the Emergency Indian-Soda-and-Meds run tonight:
  • Led Zeppelin, "Immigrant Song"
  • Meatloaf & Ellen Foley, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"
  • Tool, "Enema"
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    Having slept about 85% of the last two days and consumed most of the contents of a box of Nyquil®, I'm feeling significantly more human/less zombified. Still running a low-grade fever, so I'll be staying home from work again (you can write that one down, if you like), but at least I don't sound like a character from The Stand anymore...
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    102.2° fever - back to bed for me, again.
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    So last night was the big New Year's Eve party at the Charlesworth Hostile, during which I drank (over the course of ~5 hours) the sum total of:
    • half a beer;
    • a swig of mead;
    • two sips of Champagne;
    • half of a one-liter bottle, more or less, of braggot (mead beer).
    ...and got violently fucking ill.

    Pretty sure that wasn't from the alcohol, folks, but my apologies to J.C. and Jen for being "that guy" at this years' party. On the other hand, if the worst that happened was some guy who took up a bathroom for a time being ill, passed out on a bed, and then hurled some more in the living room under the care of a former EMT before getting driven home, it was probably a pretty good party drama-wise. And it was certainly a good party up until that point... *grin*

    Best case scenario, I had a touch of food poisoning from what I had for lunch. Because otherwise something was off in the braggot (which I was passing around), or that stuff is a FUCKTON more alcoholic than it looks, or I came down with something (which I was then also passing around). That last seems unlikely, since I'm perfectly fine now, and was perfectly fine until ~2ish. I totally don't remember several moments in the being-ill-process, which is irritating/worrisome, but I'm very glad I was surrounded by friends. And yet, you hate to be "that guy", and now I feel defensive. *sigh*

    Still, the Contract for Souls that Mephistopheles was carrying around was a big hit. I think the sum total of my evening's work was 16 signatures, two 'marks', and a kiss. I'll take it.
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    Sprained...oh, you were wondering about my foot? plantar fasciitis, one of the primary symptoms of which is "very tight calf muscles". Duh, table for one... time to break out the exercise bands again. I needed to get up earlier in the mornings, anyway... anyway, it's a month of NSAIDs, stretches, and arch support for me. Joy! Not.

    In more entertaining news, [ profile] leiandra has an absolutely hysterical series of photographs of an acrobatic squirrel (is there any other kind?!?). Just a sample )
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    My family goes out of town again, and what's the first thing I do? Stay late at work, of course...*headdesk* Of course, being on the phone all yesterday meant I came home, stared about a bit, and went to bed early without saying 10 words to [ profile] matchgirl42. Sorry 'bout that..

    Also, I think I've finally 'broken' a bone; I use scare quotes because I'm not certain, but one of the metatarsals in my left foot has been hurting like hell for the last three weeks most times that pressure is put on it. Maybe a stress fracture, maybe something stupider like arthritis? Bah.

    Still not getting much writing done for NaNoWriMo, even though I'm narrowly ahead of [ profile] featherynscale (at least until she updates whatever she did on the plane yesterday), but I got "a" website updated.... also finished Stranger in a Strange Land (very Heinleinian), and The Philosopher and the Druids, which was better (and yet different) than expected. That officially brings me up to 50 books this year, first time I've done that since Book-It! in grade school.

    Is it Friday yet?
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    [Poll #1077887]Crap. I meant to ask about circumcision as well...
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    During the Wayside Waifs expedition yesterday, I seemed to have acquired a tiny critter on my right hand. I say 'seemed' because it was so small I couldn't really tell if it had legs or not, but it did seem to be securely attached. The staff there couldn't really tell either, and I finally weaseled it off from my skin. Holding it up afterward, the guy they had gone to as the best-chance for an expert took another look at it.

    Then it all went pear-shaped )

    In a related note, does anyone (or their kid, more likely) have a low-power microscope? 10-20x would be plenty I'm sure, but the magnifying glasses we have in the house just aren't cutting it, and the digital camera can't get the resolution I want. Also, I found an almost identical widget attached to my left forearm this morning. Since God Auction ended, I am officially tasty to bugs again.
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    (if I can manage 3 more by midnight, that'll be the triple trifecta, right?)

    1. Don't hate me, but yesterday I was down to 132# from my high of 150, after being on the South Beach diet for about a month. That's pretty close to where I want to end up (my High School weight was 125, probably a bit low), so some muscle toning will be most of what's left on that front. Yay!

    2. Of course, all things in balance: I got a good look at my balding spot yesterday morning with the help of two mirrors, and sheesh, it's...err, "impressive" probably isn't the right word. "Growing", maybe. I'll probably lose another couple of pounds when I cut my hair this summer before Dragon*Con - donating about a foot to Locks of Love, and it helps with a costume I'm working on for D*C. And with the heat of summer, of course. C'est la guerre... maybe I'll shave my head eventually, like that sexy beast [ profile] biscuitgod. But this is not that year. I have officially started combing it consciously over that place, though... :/

    3. On the gripping hand (possibly literally), I have my first-ever chiropractic appointment for tomorrow afternoon at 5. [ profile] kittenpants has had good initial results from a Dr. Duke on Red Bridge, and he's covered by our insurance. Time to find out how fscked up I really am, right? Don't answer that...

    Now, time to get some backlogged work done. I'll get to the comments on my previous post sometime tonight, probably.
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    Feel about a dozen times better today than I did yesterday. Got some sleep, got some things done last night that had been itching on my To-Do list and still got to relax and finish a book, also started The Druids for WH's Book Club, and got to the bit where apparently Aristotle records the "earth rise up to meet us/sea open up to drown us" bravado of the Celts, which is fun. Have to look that up later, I've started to make notes and everything... and still got like 7 1/2 hours of sleep.

    Also, for whatever reason work was not the Creeping Dread today. Maybe having actually gotten a task list of assigned duties from my 'new' boss helped; now at least I know that the additional duties that have been tacked on over the last year are officially mine to handle as I see fit. As [ profile] kittenpants pointed out last night, that just means they're free to start tacking on additional new things now, but I'll take what I can get.

    While still keeping my eyes open for something a little more 9-5.
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    Last night was sort of an experiment in helpfulness, along a sideways path. Let me 'splain...

    The kitchen has been getting, for lack of a better word, Scary. We've not been home a lot, which means the dishes have piled up and the stove hasn't been cleaned lately, etc. So last night my dear wife tells me that it would be really hot if I went and washed the dishes. Twist my arm, fine (this is one of my jobs in the house, on account of I have no sense of smell)... at about the same time, my girlfriend registers the unbelievable complaint that we have almost a bottle and a half of Jameson Irish Whiskey in the house, but no Scotch. The precursor to this discussion was having them hammer on my left shoulder, which has been locked up good for about a week despite having a massage from [ profile] starwyse on Saturday. It was getting better, but not great, so they put some Arnica on it and advised me to go drink some whiskey and come back in an hour.

    You can see where this is going, can't you? )Also, new icon.
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    Interesting article on the state of the Information Technology industry, linked to by the clever bunny known as [ profile] ysabel: What Could Be Worse Than Failure?

    In mostly unrelated news, I think I did better on picking winners in Tuesday's city primary than I have in any election a very long time. My choices didn't advance to the March runoff election in the 3rd and 4th District-At-Large positions, but the rest did well, and my top two candidates will be in the mayoral runoff, which pleases me. Even if I am trying really hard to catch the crud today, and may very well be staying home tomorrow to save energy for the weekend.

    Also, mith has declared March to be International Mafia Month; thought you should know.
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    That floral arrangement I've been talking about )
    Clever, isn't she?
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    So my procedure last Friday went off without a hitch; actually, I probably got out of there early, because we arrived early and the doctor was ready (since this was a reschedule due to him being sick for my first appointment, I think he was trying to get his schedule back under control). Nothing too unusual during the surgery itself, except that I learned that the blood vessels/nerves for the scrotum connect somewhere up around your belly (which is why you get that sensation way up there when you get racked, fellas). No pain, no surprises, except he does something unusual to ensure that there are no "surprises" later on: he uses a cauterizing wire to scar 1/2" of the vas deferens on either side of the snip, in addition to tying it off. Ever seen smoke rising from your crotch? Tres weird.

    Spent the rest of the weekend flat on my back, read about 2 1/2 books, and slept more per day than I probably have in years. No painful reactions to speak of, but I do have to compliment [ profile] saffronhare (and her florist) on the truly inspired "grapefruit-sized puffballs with cattail" floral arrangement that arrived Friday afternoon. Damn funny, I must say.

    So what am I complaining about being kicked in the balls for? It's never what you expect.. )

    ::edit:: My aunt said that the seizures stopped late last night, so they are revamping the 'final decisions' framework they'd been working under. Right now a Limited DNR is being worked up, and the possibilities of a plan for her to leave the hospital in the same condition she entered, if possible. She's out of the coma as they taper the meds, but still not conscious/responding to non-pain stimuli.

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