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...which only exemplifies the problem.

To wit, I used to be one of those people whose First World Problems included "if I could just win the lottery, all of my financial woes would be solved and I could do whatever I wanted". Which, while true, isn't really the 'problem' anymore. Realistically if I could win/make/steal the same amount I take home NOW without having to go to work, I could do pretty much do what I want to do, I'd just have the time to actually do it! That, or somebody invents a 25 30 36-hour day... we'll see which happens first.

I have too many hobbies/tasks. I don't want to give up ANY of them. Hell, I've got ones I want to do I haven't even been able to properly begin (hello archery). I've been going to the gym down the street since cardiac rehab ended, which is AWESOME, but sucks up somewhere between 70 and 130 minutes of the days I manage to go. I've not done any real coding in months, and this week (hopefully) I'll reinstall All The Operating Systems and be ready to play Diablo III in my nonexistent free(r) time. And let's not even talk about costuming...

Anyway, lunchtime's a-wasting. Hope your life is as full and exciting as mine, but perhaps not moreso.
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...okaaay, no more chocolate cake Bond movies after midnight. Or maybe it was the Ethiopian food.

a Quantum of Spoilers herein )

And, James Bond is why we can't have nice things. The Aston Martin, in the first 2 minutes. The Tosca opera. The skylight. The other skylight. The hotel room. The other hotel rooms. The entire fuel-cell-run hotel (that was totally unnecessary, by the way).Yeesh, the body count was actually kind of low (for Bond), but the property damage is gonna break MI-6's budget.

We went to the late-late show (got home around 1AM, still discussing the film) and I think my brain didn't have time to spin down properly. My dreams were all full of logistical failure; trying to coordinate multi-session small-group discussion In Person, with a single clipboard, 5 rooms, 60 people (including late arrivals) and possibly a party going on. For groupwork that (I think) was supposed to happen online. Durrrr... then that gave way to a dream about a G.C. business meeting in which one candidate for a job blocked consensus on the other candidate, [ profile] zylch inexplicably tackled (in a slow motion, I-love-you-don't-shoot-yourself-in-the-foot sort of way) the blocker to talk them out of it, and then we had to expand the meeting into two rooms so we could sing "Kumbaya" in one room while certain people talked with the blocker in the other half. What. The. Hell?

Oh, and Happy Birthday Larke!
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Spent yesterday morning in one of those mandatory "diversity" workshops. Yawnfest, but the important thing is it kept me from clicking Refresh while LJ was being moved to Siberia Billings, Montana. Actually, I've barely been on LJ lately...

Finally closing in on the last stages of the new G.C. website. Next task there? Figure out what the hell happened to our Google Page Rank (actually, I'm pretty sure I know: Gaia Online, Gaia Community College, and are pretty clearly swamping us).

Finally, speaking of going down, my new guilty pleasure song is behind the cut:
'Bad Girlfriend', by Theory of a Deadman )
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I feel like I'm No Fun lately. I'm not sure it's true, and I'm not fishing for compliments; just kinda... worn threadbare.

Yesterday was Action!Packed!
Handfastings! )

Flirting! AIDS! Lightning Storms! )

Dinner! Failure! Dinner? Failure! Dinner and a Show, finally )

All's well that ends well? )

Not my best day. On the other hand, I've had a lot worse.
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Lots of things accomplished in the last several days; too busy to post much, so here's a summary.
  • Games Night on Friday, and learned a new game (Ticket to Ride, if you're curious). We'd had the game for some time, but were intimidated by what looked like a complex setup... turns out to not be bad at all.
  • Did the EarthWalk on Saturday morning (a little cooler, and a little less prepared this time - next year we're totally bringing a flag!)
  • Afterward, cooled down by going to see The Forbidden Kingdom, which is exactly what it says on the tin: non-stop kung fu silliness. Worthwhile to see in the theater, because everything is writ so large.
  • Saturday Night we got to meet a few new people, introduce several people to K.U.R.S., and have a rolling good time, even if/and we never even turned on the television for "Movie Night".
  • Got to sleep in on Sunday, which was the first time in (literally) weeks, and then a good ritual and sushi, hosted by a waiter with photographic memory.
  • Spring is here; you can tell, because I'm now officially Too Warm on a regular basis (even 75° is sometimes too much, especially in work clothes...)
  • Bought two new pairs of shoes last night (brown Rockports and black running shoes). After several years of attempting to find shoes on the cheap, I had to come to the conclusion that it was impossible at my size, and that somehow my feet have shrunk a full shoe size without having shrunk out of my old shoes. Weird. Spent way more than I expected to, but considering how many years the last pairs I bought lasted, it seems fair...
  • Seem to have acquired (with some help) all the needed props for G.C.'s Beltane ritual, and it's not even May yet!
  • Worked on our Amnesia Game for this coming Friday; judging by [ profile] featherynscale's reactions, I get to be the Bad Cop DM this time. That hardly ever happens...*muahaha*
  • Told off Time Warner Cable for mysteriously subscribing us to "Limited Basic Service" in March without permission. If you're local or have TWC elsewhere, you might want to check your bill, especially if you're on autopay like we are... (it just hit our bill this month).
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You are in a maze of twisty green boxes...
You are in a maze of twisty green boxes...
all alike.

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  1. Konqueror does not work at all with the IE-only mapping software on (this is not a surprise, but I now have confirmation).
  2. Using IE does not necessarily guarantee that the mapping software will work, of course.
  3. May not build a Faraday cage within the City Limits of Kansas City, Missouri.
  4. "Impact Zone", in Zoning terms, apparently means that may be hit by a car/train/bus, since they're all shown in streets and railroad lines.
  5. PBWiki is very clever about many things; however it's a bit too clever about how it adds people to notifications - sorry about that, those who were getting our private wiki's updates. *roll*
  6. There are huge tracts of undeveloped land within the 435 loop that could possibly be had for a song. Eeenteresting....
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  1. Rather than take on any more oaths I can't be sure that I'll meet, I decided to give up something in the sacrifical portion: "I give up the safety of fear."
  2. Pomegranate seeds taken from the bowl: 7 1/2. If the myth about 1 seed = 1 month works out to be true, that means my goal will come to fruition in mid-June, 2008.

    ::edit:: Appending said oaths (none yet achieved) here rather than in my profile:
    An oath to finish decorating/carving "Dagda's Club", made I believe on Lughnassadh or Samhain 2004.
    "I vow to speak no word that is not true." -- 08/22/2004
    Superseded by:
    An oath made to Oghma, to uphold Truth as a Virtue, or sacrifice the equivalent of three handworked leather disks if I fail to do so. -- 12/21/2004
    An oath made to Lugh, to uphold Dignity of self and others, or sacrifice the equivalent of nine handworked leather disks if I fail to do so. -- 12/21/2004
    An oath to begin (again) in earnest on my Dedicant's program, during the time I have off from Ritual Teams this summer. --04/17/2005
    A promise to learn, and integrate into my life, the Song of Amergin. -- 04/30/2006
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Yesterday was rather productive, with the exception of going to bed before I could document any of it.
Would you like to learn more? )
That last point makes me wonder; some websites are able to diagnose your computer's virus problems by reading the registry (or hardware config, not clear) remotely. Wouldn't it be clever if someone would make a website that could tell you if your computer could run a given piece of software, in its current configuration? Maybe someone has, but I couldn't figure out how to Google for it...

And tonight, Games Night!
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Yesterday at Lughnassadh I took an oath to finish naming, carving, and decorating the club I found/made for calling on Dagda Mor at Samhain last fall. The unspoken part of that oath was that I need to work on my woodworking skill in order to accomplish this task in a manner befitting him. I also have taken to putting something on my desk at work for each of the Fire Festivals, until we get to the next one. My maypole will have to come down soon, but I haven't figured out yet what will replace it.

So today on the drive in to work, I get hit with an idea for a wooden cube with the names of important deities carved into the edges, in ogham. Each face could represent a particular concept, and spinning the cube to that face for the day would give me deities that I might choose to work with in regards to that concept. So I started sketching out the edges, and this is what I ended up with:

God box? )
Meaning of the faces, and layout problem )

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