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...which only exemplifies the problem.

To wit, I used to be one of those people whose First World Problems included "if I could just win the lottery, all of my financial woes would be solved and I could do whatever I wanted". Which, while true, isn't really the 'problem' anymore. Realistically if I could win/make/steal the same amount I take home NOW without having to go to work, I could do pretty much do what I want to do, I'd just have the time to actually do it! That, or somebody invents a 25 30 36-hour day... we'll see which happens first.

I have too many hobbies/tasks. I don't want to give up ANY of them. Hell, I've got ones I want to do I haven't even been able to properly begin (hello archery). I've been going to the gym down the street since cardiac rehab ended, which is AWESOME, but sucks up somewhere between 70 and 130 minutes of the days I manage to go. I've not done any real coding in months, and this week (hopefully) I'll reinstall All The Operating Systems and be ready to play Diablo III in my nonexistent free(r) time. And let's not even talk about costuming...

Anyway, lunchtime's a-wasting. Hope your life is as full and exciting as mine, but perhaps not moreso.
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Courtesy of the ever-informative [ profile] solarbird.
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Helzberg Diamonds officially gets the Bad Man Hat for their current "That Guy" ad campaign. If you haven't seen the billboards (I assume they're doing print and television as well, but we can avoid those), it's things like:
  • That Guy enjoys giving his significant other a pedicure. Since you're not that guy, there's Helzberg Diamonds.
  • That Guy makes a quiche for breakfast. Regular guys go to Helzberg Diamonds.
  • That Guy likes painting her toenails....
  • That Guy goes down on both knees...
The last one in particular is confusing, and we spent a good chunk of yesterday's evening commute trying to decipher it. That Guy gives oral sex, and therefore should be mocked? That Guy is a submissive? Eventually we decided it must have something to do with marriage proposals being done on one knee, with both knees indicating subservience to your Woman. Or pants.

I already think the entire diamond industry is a crock so I wasn't going to purchase from them anyway, but this sort of behavior from a local business calls for public mockery. So, mock I do. Mock mock mock.

In other news, my computer has developed revealed a few idiosyncrasies. First one came when [ profile] featherynscale could share network folders with me, but not vice versa. Turns out it was just being Really Slow in updating the network tables... but later, after a totally painless update to (K)Ubuntu 8.04, it refused to load PCGen when hers was working fine. After about an hour of cursing, the culprit turned out to be OpenJava, which was pre-existing from when I installed the first time. Her more-recent install had Sun's Java by default, which PCGen requires.

And the point of THAT story is that we're 99.7% ready to send out the character sheets for the Gygaxian Grinder on the 26th (we've scrapped the Friday start, in favor of Saturday morning cartoons and an all-day, single-day affair). As soon as my co-mod signs off on it, those players who will be starting us off should expect an email and another post in this vein.

Which brings me to the fact that Google Sites rocks my socks. That is all.
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Slowly but surely, Shit Is Getting Done. A lot of that has to do with finding my motivation again yesterday after a couple of weeks of Bleah, which has allowed some serious whittling of the to-do lists.

On a related note, stoopid penguin tricks inside )
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No big accomplishments thus far. Saw Speed Racer over the weekend, which is every bit as much an acid trip as you might imagine. Worth seeing on the big screen; hell, worth seeing on the IMAX, for that matter. Check your brain at the door and have fun, damnit. Yes, the plot has holes you can drive a Weapons Van through - did the reviewers not see the original? This ain't The English Patient, kids.

Got to play pool with [ profile] archway and [ profile] gr8wolf earlier this week; against all odds and rustiness, managed to hold my own against [ profile] gr8wolf. I need to locate my Frankencue; [ profile] saffronhare, do you think it was still in your basement when your table went away?

Not many pool tables near our house, boo. New pool icon, yay!

Other than that, just trying to keep moving forward...Games Night tonight, yay. Work tomorrow all day, boo. Possibly more fun in the evening, yay?
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Lots of things accomplished in the last several days; too busy to post much, so here's a summary.
  • Games Night on Friday, and learned a new game (Ticket to Ride, if you're curious). We'd had the game for some time, but were intimidated by what looked like a complex setup... turns out to not be bad at all.
  • Did the EarthWalk on Saturday morning (a little cooler, and a little less prepared this time - next year we're totally bringing a flag!)
  • Afterward, cooled down by going to see The Forbidden Kingdom, which is exactly what it says on the tin: non-stop kung fu silliness. Worthwhile to see in the theater, because everything is writ so large.
  • Saturday Night we got to meet a few new people, introduce several people to K.U.R.S., and have a rolling good time, even if/and we never even turned on the television for "Movie Night".
  • Got to sleep in on Sunday, which was the first time in (literally) weeks, and then a good ritual and sushi, hosted by a waiter with photographic memory.
  • Spring is here; you can tell, because I'm now officially Too Warm on a regular basis (even 75° is sometimes too much, especially in work clothes...)
  • Bought two new pairs of shoes last night (brown Rockports and black running shoes). After several years of attempting to find shoes on the cheap, I had to come to the conclusion that it was impossible at my size, and that somehow my feet have shrunk a full shoe size without having shrunk out of my old shoes. Weird. Spent way more than I expected to, but considering how many years the last pairs I bought lasted, it seems fair...
  • Seem to have acquired (with some help) all the needed props for G.C.'s Beltane ritual, and it's not even May yet!
  • Worked on our Amnesia Game for this coming Friday; judging by [ profile] featherynscale's reactions, I get to be the Bad Cop DM this time. That hardly ever happens...*muahaha*
  • Told off Time Warner Cable for mysteriously subscribing us to "Limited Basic Service" in March without permission. If you're local or have TWC elsewhere, you might want to check your bill, especially if you're on autopay like we are... (it just hit our bill this month).
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Oi. My list of Big Projects I Want To Do is wholly and entirely out of control.

In no particular order ) But now? Now, I go outside and ride my bike, because it's F***ing Gorgeous Out. ::edit:: Or not... I forgot that I left it down by the railroad tracks before Wild Hare's Fall Equinox ritual...I found most of a wheel. Guess I'll go pick up trash instead.
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[ profile] featherynscale put one of these together yesterday, and it was cracking me up.

Stuff ... to do )
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Today is Robert Jordan's birthday, apparently; I'm nowhere near as far along in my re-read of the series as I thought, but I did finish Book 5 last night and started Lord of Chaos on my way in to work this morning. Kindly hold off on the spoilers until I get there...I'm working as fast as I can. ;) Still good stuff back in the older books, though I'm surprised at how my perceptions of the timeline differ from reality (it's more like 18 months, than 3 years...)

Speaking of interwoven threads, Sunday's ritual was interesting, if perhaps not in the way they expected )
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1. Go here.
2. Pass it on.
read on )
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Christ, I am *such* an information junkie. It's a good thing I don't know anything about memory palaces, because I'd probably set up shop in one of them and just. never. leave.

In related news, Wikipedia is Teh Devil. Read more... )
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Friday would have been Sigmund Freud's 149th birthday, Read more... )

Saturday, I had to get up at some godawful hour and Read more... )

Saturday afternoon we went to go see The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was much better than we feared. Read more... )

Sunday started with my trademark once-a-weekend-breakfast. Read more... )

The not-Mother's-Day ritual at Gaia was extremely well done, Read more... )

Afterward, there was a general call for "Food!" (an hour-plus of dancing will do that to some people), so we attempted to go to Chili's. Read more... )

Got up this morning after another short-night's sleep, and was moving sloooow. Read more... )

This was further compounded by my boss's insistence (at her boss' insistence) that we work on the neighborhood tour, again, on the way back. Read more... )

However, on the plus side, I am home, now, with my family, and several shiny new icons, courtesy of my friends' advice in a post a few weeks ago. And smoked ribs. Whee.
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For those who didn't see it in [ profile] zylch's journal, this is now officially the Funniest Comic Ever.

Not to mention - if you're trying to get an update on my life, you can find most of it referenced in here. I swear the woman has cameras in the walls...

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