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Another multi-part dream last night - meaning that I had some dream the other evening which them became the prelude to this dream.

In this case, [ profile] featherynscale and I had somehow contrived to provide crash space to Wil Wheaton while he was in town. He was very sociable and gracious about the whole thing, although he seemed a little nervous at first when we gave him a gag-gift shirt that was based somehow on the ST:TNG uniform shirt (I never actually observed what was funny about it). Eventually though we took him out to dinner and then spent the evening telling stories and cracking up.

That's the setup; somehow my brain connected this last night to the microdream in which someone did a video of a neo-Mount Rushmore with Picard, Data, Riker, (somebody) drinking their iconic favorite beverages of choice, and, on a lower 'tier' of stone, an animated stone Wesley Crusher cracking open a 1-liter bottle of cola with an 'Ain't this cool?' expression on his face. You got the carbonation fizz and everything.

What the hell, brain?
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Apparently drinking scotch and talking philosophy before bed results in having philosophical discussions with yourself.

I was dreaming about some sort of international conclave, mostly Brits and Europeans but some Americans (enough that I was there, anyway). There was a fair lot of sociopolitical theory flying about, but the biggest point that made me wake up and want to write about it was this:
"Civic holidays like "Memorial Day" are a surcease, designed to provide an outlet for the masses to prevent them from building up enough steam to revolt or riot."

What do you think? Seemed fitting for this Friday, albeit awfully content-filled (potentially)...
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Last nights dreams were a mélange of the ongoing Angelic Mafia game I'm running, snippets from the 80's miniseries V, and a surreal sequence wherein I got to listen in on Mötley Crüe's explanation of how they were being so much better behaved; to wit, there had only been one sexual assault, a broken table, and a smashed keg that night, as opposed to two rapes, three hotel fires, and a couple of cases of alcohol poisoning earlier in the tour.

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Really odd dream snippet last night, in which momentum (or perhaps the Lorentz factor) was working differently than usual. I blame trying to read up on voodoo dark energy during my lunch break yesterday.

Anyway, I was trying to pull a car out onto 10th Street in downtown KCMO, in order to turn onto 71 Hwy South. Ordinarily, this is simple; it becomes considerably harder when vehicles appear to be moving at relativistic speeds, or perhaps (head)light has significant mass that can impact your vehicle, or... something. Anyway, Dream!Me knew that it was a bad idea to pull out in front of anybody I could even see, no matter how far down the road they appeared to be... but this meant I was never getting a break in traffic. Apparently there were no traffic lights in this version (presumably because of the collateral damage their photons would have caused?) and the downtown area was much hillier than this.

So eventually, I tried to creep out onto the shoulder of 10th and slip onto the on-ramp. This went well insofar as I avoided any collisions with cars on 10th, but Extremely Poorly when the aforementioned momentum problems asserted themselves. Instead of a leisurely 180° turn onto the on-ramp, I ended up in a sideways skid off the on-ramp, across two lanes of traffic (again, not crashing into anyone amazingly), and then smashing into the opposite side of the ditch in the median.

And then I woke up, and said into the darkness, "Ow?"
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I'm liking this "post one thing that makes you happy each day for a week" meme. I don't know if I'll end up doing it for a week, 2 days, or 4 months, but today's as good a day to start as any.

Today, I am happy for sappy dreams about meeting/courting [ profile] featherynscale, who in the dreamscape was a retail clerk (or some other sweet-young-thing job) at a small shop run by the only African-American businesswoman in 'Mayberry'ville, Iowa, and living in a tiny two-room apartment over the shop. Over the course of the dream, we got engaged (discreetly, it being a small town and possibly set in the actual-mythical 1950's) which pleased her boss to no end, and started looking for a bigger place.

The best part, however? Cut to protect the diabetic... )

Thus endeth the sap.
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...okaaay, no more chocolate cake Bond movies after midnight. Or maybe it was the Ethiopian food.

a Quantum of Spoilers herein )

And, James Bond is why we can't have nice things. The Aston Martin, in the first 2 minutes. The Tosca opera. The skylight. The other skylight. The hotel room. The other hotel rooms. The entire fuel-cell-run hotel (that was totally unnecessary, by the way).Yeesh, the body count was actually kind of low (for Bond), but the property damage is gonna break MI-6's budget.

We went to the late-late show (got home around 1AM, still discussing the film) and I think my brain didn't have time to spin down properly. My dreams were all full of logistical failure; trying to coordinate multi-session small-group discussion In Person, with a single clipboard, 5 rooms, 60 people (including late arrivals) and possibly a party going on. For groupwork that (I think) was supposed to happen online. Durrrr... then that gave way to a dream about a G.C. business meeting in which one candidate for a job blocked consensus on the other candidate, [ profile] zylch inexplicably tackled (in a slow motion, I-love-you-don't-shoot-yourself-in-the-foot sort of way) the blocker to talk them out of it, and then we had to expand the meeting into two rooms so we could sing "Kumbaya" in one room while certain people talked with the blocker in the other half. What. The. Hell?

Oh, and Happy Birthday Larke!
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That has to win for "weirdest multi-night dream sequence" in the history of...ever.

23. 90 127 3 3 51. 20. 35. )

Of course, that freed up some memory to watch the rest of the dream, but besides the preacher gig, I didn't learn anything interesting except that "yabba day one" (phonetically) is/will have been being slang for a "Mr. Yuck" style reaction to something. I am irrationally disappointed to have been unable to confirm this so far via Google.
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That makes about four nights out of the last seven in which a big part of the dream has involved getting a weapon across a border.

First it was the European sniper rifle, then wrestling with the everything-that-goes-through-time-must-be-organic problem, then an exotic shotgun that needed to come in from somewhere in the Caribbean; last night it was a continent-spanning battle with the Lost Swords of Power, part of which involved getting Coinspinner into Mexico and back. Unfortunately that's where I woke up, when my friend Casey "Kennedy" Davis from H.S. asked me what was going on...
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The evenings that your friend the federal agent doesn't show up for your social gathering on Metcalf is NOT the night to taunt the Hispanic boys for hitting on your fiancée and driving on the sidewalk. Especially if they're carrying...

Ow. Getting shot *hurts*. And welcome to your first OOBE... who says you can't die in your dreams?


Aug. 3rd, 2008 10:37 am
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When your dreams start to catalogue reactions to the stories about two very similar dreams that you may or may not have had earlier in the evening (which were titled 'Rose' and 'Rosé', though I don't remember much else about them)... it's time to wake up!

The line "they're as dissimilar as they could possibly be while still being about the same topic" was interesting, though; I think [ profile] uberreiniger 'said' it.
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Spent most of last night's dreamtime working at a group home in Iowa, although neither of the ones I actually worked at. At least, those places lacked such amenities as a parking garage within which we could play soccer, or a 6-foot-high balance beam affectionately referred to as "Jesus has the Mojo" (or perhaps that was the nearby alcove with a mural of Jesus doing Karate Kid stuff on the back wall). On the other hand, we didn't have pregnant teenagers who thought they were Rockettes, or kids with electronic keys (trusties?), or staff with electronic keys for that matter...

Weird. Fun, and nostalgic, but very weird... especially since I was just in Iowa for the weekend, and trying to figure out how to pay for/keep an eye on my apartment back in Kansas City.
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Oddly, I seem to have had the same dream (or at least dreamworld) last night as I had some months ago. Read more... )

P.S. I think this post exceeds my daily quota of "some*" used in a recounting. I'll go try to be more specific now somewhere else...Damnit, there it is again!
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Just woke up from a very intricate and detailed science-fiction-style dream, in which the final scene involved an fight between myself and a shape-changing alien. Previously it had disguised itself as my co-worker, now it had dragged me into an airlock and (instead of just throwing me out into hard vacuum like a normal bad guy) had transformed itself into its natural form, some sort of 2-foot-long scorpion. That was bad enough, but somehow the ship's cat (a la Alien) had gotten into the airlock with us, and the alien was shapechanging itself and the cat, so that I couldn't figure out which was which. This didn't stop me from using a conveniently-placed wooden ladderback chair to beat both animals away until I could figure it out (the alien was, of course, the kitten, not the calico). Then, just before I could throw the broken alien out the airlock, it transformed my actual co-worker, who was cowering in the corner, into a half-meter long Funoodle©.

The stupidest (?) part of this was the closing voice-over informed me that this meant, in an ironic way, that he had finally achieved his Shining Path: patient, immutable, perfect, and unaffected by the cares of the world. I was not impressed with my own analogy, suffice to say... {fade to black}
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My dreamscape is often weird, but it hardly ever comes up with an entire entry for a horror movie that never existed (or at least that I've never seen). Well, a trailer and a Trivia entry, anyway:
  • "Consists primarily of recreations of headshots from 28 Days Later" - What does that even mean??
  • "Christopher Walken's humming of "BTSU" to the tune of a Catholic hymn was improvised, but the director liked it so much he kept the scene in (the trailer)." - Apparently the acronym of the title was "BTSU" - anybody have any ideas/stupid suggestions for what that stood for?
My brain has discarded the entire trailer now, of course... just those two lines remain.
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I'm not at all clear on the cosmic significance of dreaming about being David Duchovny, undercover and cross-dressing as "Aunt Boogergum" in a gigantic black wig and ridiculously bad accent, finally ending up racing (mini) sports cars up and down a four-story drug dealer's mansion's staircase.

But I'm willing to try it again...
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Och. Last night's escapades was saving AA from a takeover coup by a banned player. Yeah, 'cuz that could happen in that semi-anarchic democracy.... of course, Dibbs tells me that Boing-Boing never existed, much less has been banned.

On the plus side, the game had apparently evolved to the point of having a Virtual Reality interface, since everything was visual. I've had visual dreams about that MUD before, just not for years... probably a result of somebody emailing me from there, about an old project. Yeah, it's on The List™. *shrug*
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If I'm going to spend all night, every night, solving the world's problems... (no specifics worth mentioning, just multiple instances)

P.S. On a possibly-related note, did anybody else in KC wake up with their driveway mysteriously clear of snow?!?
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Huh; in my dreams, apparently the person who deposes Caesar is a peripatetic polyglot.

I'm still blaming Norman Spinrad.

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