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Really odd dream snippet last night, in which momentum (or perhaps the Lorentz factor) was working differently than usual. I blame trying to read up on voodoo dark energy during my lunch break yesterday.

Anyway, I was trying to pull a car out onto 10th Street in downtown KCMO, in order to turn onto 71 Hwy South. Ordinarily, this is simple; it becomes considerably harder when vehicles appear to be moving at relativistic speeds, or perhaps (head)light has significant mass that can impact your vehicle, or... something. Anyway, Dream!Me knew that it was a bad idea to pull out in front of anybody I could even see, no matter how far down the road they appeared to be... but this meant I was never getting a break in traffic. Apparently there were no traffic lights in this version (presumably because of the collateral damage their photons would have caused?) and the downtown area was much hillier than this.

So eventually, I tried to creep out onto the shoulder of 10th and slip onto the on-ramp. This went well insofar as I avoided any collisions with cars on 10th, but Extremely Poorly when the aforementioned momentum problems asserted themselves. Instead of a leisurely 180° turn onto the on-ramp, I ended up in a sideways skid off the on-ramp, across two lanes of traffic (again, not crashing into anyone amazingly), and then smashing into the opposite side of the ditch in the median.

And then I woke up, and said into the darkness, "Ow?"
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(actually that's not true, as I hope to make one more post with my book list, but I need to finish the Bataan Death Read first...)
Half-day at the office today and most people are out on vacation or at a going-away party, so I'm kind of wombling around getting things done.

First out of the gate, if you have the same sort of morbid fascination for the slow-motion demolition that our economy is undergoing that I do, I heartily recommend two things on LJ: [ profile] solarbird, who does an excellent job of translating econ-speak into things mere mortals can understand, and links like a mofo; and [ profile] reich_blog, the RSS feed for Robert Reich, former Clinton Secretary of Labor. He's got a pithy and admittedly liberal slant on things, but it's a lot more pragmatic than a lot of what I see out there.

Secondly, the Musical Death Star that is [ profile] featherynscale's iPod is now 50% more full awesome. I uploaded most of my collection onto it in preparation for our trip to Florida (yes, this'll be our third major road trip of the year), and while we didn't quite get to making the new playlists like No Crying in Baseball, it'll be even more train-wreck-happy on Shuffle All, I'm sure. Good thing we didn't get a Zune, by the way...

Finally, a to-do list of little relevance to anybody here but me:Read more... )
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Today's happiness is centered around my ridiculously competent car. Nothing to look at, and a manual transmission to boot which means I'm the only one in my house who likes driving it; but the ability to manage snow and hills that make trucks cry, excellent gas mileage, and improbable hauling capacity, makes me smile. Especially during Snownami 2008...
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Whoops. I alluded earlier this morning to a blow for energy independence encounter with a gas pump this morning, but forgot to put up the story for another 45 minutes or so. Cue distressed phone call from partner...

Anyway. What happened was this; finally got all my junk together for work this morning, fed the dogs, scraped the car, and headed north. Snow/sleet had already started by then, but that's actually not relevant to this story, believe it or not. What was relevant was the proximity of the needle on my gas gauge to the "E" side of the equation. So I pulled into the BP up the road, filled up the tank, and scraped more crap off my windshield. Got back in the car to make sure I had cash for parking downtown, listened for the 'click' of the gas pump. Put my wallet away, put my gloves back on, started the car, and drove out of the parking lot. You may have noticed an element missing in this story... )

So that's the story of Me vs. Big Oil.

::edit:: And my training tonight is cancelled - WIKTORY!
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  1. Someone has borrowed my Path of Daggers book, I just realized when I wanted to look something up yesterday. Anyone want to fess up/return it? I have a couple of suspects based on who has been reading RJ lately, but I'll not name names, since I didn't even remember loaning it out.
  2. Tuesday is Celebrate Bisexuality Day. I have no idea as yet what I'll be doing to observe that lil' holiday, seeing as I have a orgy meeting at my house that evening. Suggestions welcome.
  3. Speaking of suggestions, one of my bumper stickers is dying the final, sun-baked death. It's the "Freedom of Religion Means Any Religion" one, which now looks more like:
    Images behind cut )
    Ideas for a replacement? I'm contemplating getting an Obama sticker, but we're not supposed to be campaigning on the job, and sometimes I need to take my car to work events. Other strong possibilities would be a Gaia Community bumper sticker, or one of the random belligerent Celt stickers we have rattling around the house...
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Anybody familiar with logic puzzles, or cars, is welcome to help out on this one. :)

Our household is apparently going to be in the market for new vehicles over the next six months or so. It's not entirely clear how many have to shift, but both mine and [ profile] featherynscale's are aging rapidly, and [ profile] kittenpants' is too small for some of her needs.

So with that in mind... )

(No, there isn't really a concrete problem to be solved here, but getting input from others and broadening our search window is a useful exercise, and probably entertaining besides)
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Escaped into the woods (Camp Gaea) for the weekend, and overall it was a good thing. Weather Friday night while we were packing was utter crap, right until we drove north and west out of the storms and onto bone-dry pavement. Saturday was gorgeous, and Sunday it didn't start raining until we were packing. I'll take it.

Whilst being covered in nature, I noticed:

  • the "plague" of bugbites that hit me between God Auction and accepting that Apollo is my patron has finally ceased.
  • a marked increase in my tolerance for sun (again, go figure).
  • decreased sex drive despite the casual nudity (this is not uncommon for me while camping, but fixed when I got home).
  • finished the last half of The Mabinogi for tonight.
Came back and managed to get the GC newsletter and website done before collapsing last night (and drove home in another rainstorm last night, pulling off my Driving While Jedi trick well enough to beat my other thirds home). Since returning home, I've noticed:

  • oversensitivity to the sounds of downtown.
  • nearly complete lack of appetite/interest in food (this may be due to the extremely tasty stuff we ate in camp).
  • I slept like an angel last night. I'm pretty sure our whole house did (the camp bunks were pretty wretched).
  • my hair is driving me absolutely bonkers today; probably overconditioned/overwashed it at the camp and with repeated dunkings in the lake, but it's all in snarls. As soon as the goatee finishes growing back in, I'll be hacking at least 10" off for Locks of Love.
  • also, today I returned a bunch of crap to the library (some of which had only been overdue since July 17th), and found where many of my office pens were hiding.
Now I have to decide what to do with the rest of my August... (not a lack of choices, I can tell you that much).
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Apparently in an effort to propitiate [ profile] wildnsquirrelly's desire for over-the-top dreams, this morning's last sequence was turned up to 11, if not actually 12.

Read more... )

No clue what that was all about. Yesterday was actually pretty boring, so my brain had to compensate at night?!?

::edit:: And then Firefox crashes right before I post this. Thank Gods for saved drafts...
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Went to bed last night at ~9:30, after drifting asleep twice during Red Dwarf, Series II (which is only a small commentary on the episode in question and mostly on my sleeping habits (or lack thereof) this weekend). Woke up at 7:25 feeling much more human, but still was late to work on account of packing my lunch, etc. And so it goes.

On the plus side, I got my car's brakes worked on mostly replaced this weekend, just in time for the rainstorm. Handles much better now. It does mean I have put about $1000 into the car in recent months, but it's still overall a sound vehicle, and does most everything I want it to do. I have a memory of someone saying recently "Your car outpaces most others that are much more powerful", but that may have been the Dwarfen Dreaming™ last night. I do know that I never need to own a sports car...I drive my little 4-cylinder Aspire already in a way that inspires fear in my enemies (and sometimes my passengers).

Had a great weekend overall, but everyone else has pretty much alluded to that already so I'll spare you the details. Working on this self-analysis thing some more, but I haven't really worked that out again for another introspective post. More later.

But now, a poll for KURS players )

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