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...which only exemplifies the problem.

To wit, I used to be one of those people whose First World Problems included "if I could just win the lottery, all of my financial woes would be solved and I could do whatever I wanted". Which, while true, isn't really the 'problem' anymore. Realistically if I could win/make/steal the same amount I take home NOW without having to go to work, I could do pretty much do what I want to do, I'd just have the time to actually do it! That, or somebody invents a 25 30 36-hour day... we'll see which happens first.

I have too many hobbies/tasks. I don't want to give up ANY of them. Hell, I've got ones I want to do I haven't even been able to properly begin (hello archery). I've been going to the gym down the street since cardiac rehab ended, which is AWESOME, but sucks up somewhere between 70 and 130 minutes of the days I manage to go. I've not done any real coding in months, and this week (hopefully) I'll reinstall All The Operating Systems and be ready to play Diablo III in my nonexistent free(r) time. And let's not even talk about costuming...

Anyway, lunchtime's a-wasting. Hope your life is as full and exciting as mine, but perhaps not moreso.
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Woke up to a lovely little erotic dream about a former lover this morning... then somethingone tickled the back of my brain, and I panned back on the CD my alarm was playing. "Surely not..."

Yep. Soft Cell's 'Tainted Love' was playing while that was going on. Right, message received... thanks Α. Looks like he's back. At least the Rob Zombie the other day was an upbeat memo...
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Okay, one or two ticks, I can understand...but 8 or 10 over the last three days (5 or 6 tonight!)? When neither of my other thirds has had even one?? And I've been nowhere near the dog???

I'm not even sure what's wrong, much less how to fix it...

::edit:: Another one, near 5pm on Monday... Grrr.

::edit:: And another, at midnight Monday...
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Escaped into the woods (Camp Gaea) for the weekend, and overall it was a good thing. Weather Friday night while we were packing was utter crap, right until we drove north and west out of the storms and onto bone-dry pavement. Saturday was gorgeous, and Sunday it didn't start raining until we were packing. I'll take it.

Whilst being covered in nature, I noticed:

  • the "plague" of bugbites that hit me between God Auction and accepting that Apollo is my patron has finally ceased.
  • a marked increase in my tolerance for sun (again, go figure).
  • decreased sex drive despite the casual nudity (this is not uncommon for me while camping, but fixed when I got home).
  • finished the last half of The Mabinogi for tonight.
Came back and managed to get the GC newsletter and website done before collapsing last night (and drove home in another rainstorm last night, pulling off my Driving While Jedi trick well enough to beat my other thirds home). Since returning home, I've noticed:

  • oversensitivity to the sounds of downtown.
  • nearly complete lack of appetite/interest in food (this may be due to the extremely tasty stuff we ate in camp).
  • I slept like an angel last night. I'm pretty sure our whole house did (the camp bunks were pretty wretched).
  • my hair is driving me absolutely bonkers today; probably overconditioned/overwashed it at the camp and with repeated dunkings in the lake, but it's all in snarls. As soon as the goatee finishes growing back in, I'll be hacking at least 10" off for Locks of Love.
  • also, today I returned a bunch of crap to the library (some of which had only been overdue since July 17th), and found where many of my office pens were hiding.
Now I have to decide what to do with the rest of my August... (not a lack of choices, I can tell you that much).
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So it seems I have (had for some time) a patron.

Took "advantage" of an evening meeting tonight in the Northland to go back to City Hall afterward and get some menial crap done around my office. Clear off the desk, sift through old emails, sort notes from meetings, etc... took me until about midnight even with teh Intarwebs LiveJournal down, and I finally headed out of the building. Got in my car, and turned on the radio. On one single station, I heard in direct succession "Time" by Pink Floyd, "I Can't Drive 55" by Sammy Hagar, and "Ramblin' Man" by the Allman Brothers. Granted, the main song played between meeting and office was Tool's "Sober", which has a related if slightly skewed set of correspondences in my world.

Okay, sez I, that's a pretty good string of coincidences, or maybe this is just the sort of comforting stuff they play at 1AM. So during the long outro to the last song, I inquire of Apollo whether this is an omen or a pizza, and by the way, what does he think of this idea to switch jobs/take some time off?

The answer? )

So yeah. Guess I'll be writing that letter requesting August off soon... and reorganizing my home altars some during that time.
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Just another night in Paradise... )

In not-unrelated news, the God Auction is done for 2007. Apollo did not win, but came in a very respectable 2nd, and still made some...well, impressions I think with some of his ideas. And the overall total in both food and money donations was massively increased, so that's definitely a success. More pictures can be found here and here, but my favorite is this one:

And now, work.
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Feels like Monday, ought to be Sunday, let's make it content-free and be done with it..Where should I store my wallet? )
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Not sleeping much these days. Not the dawn patrol wake-ups, just not tired. Slept from about 6-8:30 yesterday morning, and 2am-8am this morning. Not feeling tired, either, just...wired

Apollo's done with me reading Burkert and the like, and has recommended I go back to the original (well, translated) poetic material. So far it's been good, actually; I already mentioned Dances for Flute and Thunder, finished a version of The Orestia (called The House of Atreus) last night in the bath, and working on Horace and Ovid. It's giving me a much better sense of the language and tone I'll be taking on Sunday at the God Auction. Also finally sorted out what my theme music will be; for a god of music, he was stunningly reticient on that subject. That, or I'm tone deaf. ;)

The other big step happening right now in preparations (besides the sewing projects, which are ridiculously complex for a one-day event) is the slow shearing of my goatee. I've been trimming it down for the last week or so, and it finally got to the point where the 'patch' was small enough that it was either going to have to lose the mustache, or the beard section. Today the mustache came off; my boss' first reaction was "it makes you look a LOT younger!".

Exxxcellent. *drums fingers* And my wife hasn't even disowned me yet, for the strong resemblance I bear to one of her nasty exes when I'm shorn...
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Hmmm, up since 5, guess it's time to take a walk and greet the sun, since I'm not getting back to sleep this morning... (there's more to it, but that's locked for consultation).

Bastard. If this is what having a personal patron is going to be like, I'm not sure I want Him...

Also and, (mostly unrelated) here's an interest essay: Where did the mythological creatures go?


Jun. 13th, 2007 07:20 am
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Now I'm turning into a morning person. WTF?


Jun. 12th, 2007 03:54 pm
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For the record, listening to George Michael's "Faith" album while getting downloaded by Apollo is seriously weird. That, or I had a fever this morning on the way in to work; also possible, but hardly as interesting.

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