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So as most of you have heard, LJ's implemented some crackbrained scheme to leverage suck up to FaceBook and Twitter while making it even easier to violate people's privacy settings. Joy! So if this sparks anybody into wanting to make the jump to I'd be happy to share an invitation code (assuming you aren't impressed enough to just buy an account outright). Just drop me a comment here or at [personal profile] triadruid. We have [feed profile]  hungoverowls; I'm just saying...

I'm not going to lecture or threaten anybody. We're all adults here; if you weren't, and I found out you'd violated somebody's trust, I'd just be forced to assume you were a very tall, very unaware child.
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Originally posted by [ profile] soph at Regarding the recent news on user purging
If you've seen the recent LJ news post, please be aware that it was written from the wrong spec. While I ([info]soph, the original author of this post), am not staff, this has been confirmed officially by staff and the news post has been rewritten accordingly.

Only accounts that have no entries, or have only the initial welcome entry, will be purged.

A new [info]news post is not being made because of the issue with News posts and notifications; the backend would likely crash if two News posts were made so close to each other.

Please repost this! There is a 'Repost this' button at the bottom of this entry.

More details, including the full specification )

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They start them really young over there (hattip to [ profile] solarbird):

My brain keeps trying to insist that it can understand this (which it can't of course, except for the loan words like "heavy metal concert"). Also, I adore that the closest related video YouTube could come up with was for "Bad Romance".
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So as most of you have heard, our roof parted ways with us (and itself) last Friday. Cleverly enough, our homeowner's insurance appears to actually cover this sort of thing, so we'll be getting new coverage sometime Real Soon Now. We even get our choice of shingles (within reason)! Mostly we're down to one light color and one dark color, but you can take a look if you like...

Current (or should I say, former) roofline of our house.
Current (or should I say, former) roofline of our house.

Options behind the cut )

Potential pictures provided by Owens-Corning's rather nifty visualization tool. You can do roofs, siding, stonework, and other changes all with their model homes or a shot of your current place (ignore the armature on the porch).

::edit:: Pictures of the damage are up at
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I'm looking for an online chessboard (not a chess player/club, just an interactive board) that allows you play both sides locally (hotseat) and to step backward through your moves if needed. No registration, please; screencapture a plus but I can do that manually if necessary. PGN parsing strongly preferred. is quick and easy, except it won't let you play against a human. does most things I want, but won't 'store' the game. Small drawback, since it recognizes PGN. might be everything I want, but I can't figure out how to start it working! :?

Any suggestions?
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Another multi-part dream last night - meaning that I had some dream the other evening which them became the prelude to this dream.

In this case, [ profile] featherynscale and I had somehow contrived to provide crash space to Wil Wheaton while he was in town. He was very sociable and gracious about the whole thing, although he seemed a little nervous at first when we gave him a gag-gift shirt that was based somehow on the ST:TNG uniform shirt (I never actually observed what was funny about it). Eventually though we took him out to dinner and then spent the evening telling stories and cracking up.

That's the setup; somehow my brain connected this last night to the microdream in which someone did a video of a neo-Mount Rushmore with Picard, Data, Riker, (somebody) drinking their iconic favorite beverages of choice, and, on a lower 'tier' of stone, an animated stone Wesley Crusher cracking open a 1-liter bottle of cola with an 'Ain't this cool?' expression on his face. You got the carbonation fizz and everything.

What the hell, brain?
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Overheard earlier today:
Me: <reads back of humorous body wash>
K: Yeah, I bought that on a day I couldn't smell, largely because of the packaging. It turned out to be rather... licorichy.
Me: Which is odd to me, since it's marketed as "for Men", and more people who like licorice that I know are female than male. But maybe that's the point - smell like what you want to attract?
K: If that's the case, then Body Wash for Men should smell like chocolate, because marketing tells us that all women love chocolate, and Body Wash for Women should smell like vanilla.
Me: I didn't know men were known to like vanilla.
K: I just report the news. Anyway, I'd really rather smell like... coffee.
Me: You want to attract people who stay up late at night?
K: Nerd-bait, that's me.
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Read a LOT this year; having a book going at the office and (at least) one at home probably helped. An asterisk means I've read it before; suggestions and commentary welcome.

Read more... )

Also, I came across a very funny/useful community via LJ Spotlight: [ profile] bookfails.
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Legend: bold means I've read it already, Italics means I'm working on it, and normal text means it's a potential. * means I've read it before. Previously read books/reviews are in the 'read lists' tag.Suggestions and commentary welcome )
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So we're just under one month out from the date of the Feegle Grinder/Wee Free RPG. If you're interested, I strongly recommend you take a look at the mini website we've built for it, and especially the character sheet and rules. Of course, reading the books would be good too. :)

If you have questions (it's a fairly simple system, but there is some quirkiness to it that may trip you up if you're used to more complex RPGs), this would be an excellent place to ask them. You'll only need 6-sided dice, but you'll need 3 of one color, 5 of another color, and 8 of a third color (we have some, but if you have your own to bring, that would be great).

The grinder will be held at our house in southern KCMO, starting at 9AM or so (with instructions and final explanations of the system) on January 23rd and going until 2AM or we get tired of it, whichever comes first. If you don't have directions, we'll email them to you privately to keep the address off the full Interweb. Feel free to point people at this public post or the Facebook event if you think they'd be interested; we can probably have 5-7 players going at a time, but expect to die more than once over the course of the day if you're staying (Feegles being more or less interchangeable, this shouldn't be a big impediment). You don't have to stay all day, of course; you can come late or leave early if you've got other stuff going on.
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I'm not venturing out into the retail shopping world for all the little plastic toys in China today, but I can make a post to help some of you with your holiday shopping, and help someone amazing ([ profile] rowangolightly) at the same time. Here's the community's basic description:
[ profile] rescue_rowan is a place for auction or direct sale of items to benefit the relocation of our dear friend. She has tirelessly worked to raise money for friends and occasionally even people she has never met who have fallen on hard times or had catastrophe land in their laps, and now it is our opportunity to assist her. She did not ask us to do this, and is graciously accepting this, though it goes against her nature to expect for herself what she does so willingly for others.

Some of the auctions end soon - I'm only bidding on one thing myself, but there's a LOT of cool stuff up. Check the profile for more details on how the auctions and payments will work.
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Our iPod came up with "Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner" as a wake-up song this morning (don't ask, it's... semirandom). But I never can quite parse one of the lyrics, and my brain fills in random words/names for Roland's killer.

For some reason this morning, I filled in that blank with, "That son-of-a-bitch, Edred Thorsson, blew off Roland's head."
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...but I know not everybody reads [ profile] news. outlines a security breach that happened for about an hour last night. I've already messaged several of you who were hit (it adds four little chunks of Flash to the bottom of the post, edits the post security to Public and may change icons/tags), but I may not have caught everybody. It looks like the only really malicious thing besides the viral editing is that you may see more spam, since it saw your email address during editing even if you normally keep it private.
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Finally got around to starting up the No Coast Avengers group at [ profile] nocoast - anybody is welcome(lacking a coast where you live is recommended), and please pass on the word. I've listed a few things going on in September already (most of which I won't be able to go to) and want to get a critical mass of people over there to centralize some of the do-gooding that goes on already. Everything's more fun in a group, right?

Might try to create a FaceBook auxilliary at some point, but let's see if this part takes off, first...


Sep. 1st, 2009 10:23 am
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Rolled out of bed waylate this morning; of course, that probably has to do with not getting to sleep until waylate last night this morning. My brain is in full 'GOgoGogo!' mode with all the D*Con prep going on. I estimate that by the time we get done we'll have put in 100 hours or so on this year's costumes, between the two of us. Of course, they're gonna look awesome, but... dayum. Now I know what happened to August. Of course, a day and a half ago I thought I was nearly done with machine sewing, but there continue to be little edges of projects that pop up (and this isn't really a complaint, because it's a damn sight faster than hand-sewing those parts would have been, even when I do sew the edge of a sleeve to itself). Coats are almost done: pocket flaps on K's, both collars (hand-sew), general addition of trim, and the long cuffs on mine are left. The Agatha Heterodyne project is in good shape with the completion of the dingbot, and I had a brain-spasm the other night that completely rewrote the plan of attack for the waist cincher. Covering the Celtic World Wrestling Champion belt is out (those of you who have seen it will know what I mean), table saws and drill bits are in. Whee! It actually probably would have taken about the same amount of time, as the difficult part is sewing the trim edge and faux buttonholes on, but it's still a lot longer than we'd originally budgeted for. On the other hand, real buttonholes are Sooper Simple with the new machine; it has the Nimbus 3000 of buttonhole feet, which actually measures the button to see how big the hole should be.

Wrist-mounted LEDs may, nay probably will not be happening. Sadness ensues, but unless I get a similar Moment of Inspiration on Wednesday night, there's just not enough time left to do them. Maybe next year...
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So, years ago when most of my visits to the Internet were done through the telnet protocol, there was a MUD called Valhalla that hosted an electronic version of the Highlander: The Card Game*. I was enamored of it beyond reason (okay, some reason... I enjoyed both the original film and the TV series a LOT), and got pretty good at the game, taking 9 or 10 heads as I recall in their ongoing tournament-style play. But the game died out due to being too narrow-focus, I guess, and I never got the chance to play in the real world...this was about 96-97, when Magic: The Gathering (no relation) was huge.

*Cut to describe the basic game )

Fast forward to this week. A random Google search, or something, leads me to a small ProBoard website about the Highlander CCG. Turns out not ONLY has a new company started to put out a "2nd Edition", but they're essentially based at 31st Century Games in Olathe! I'm at ground-bloody zero of game development, and they play locally in at least two FLGSs, not including tournaments.

I am unreasonably, stupidly excited by this. Anybody else who might want to play?
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Yesterday's massive, if localized, Shipment of Race-and-Sexuality-Fail by some speculative fiction writers (I'm not linking; they've already got more publicity attention and critique than they can handle, I'm sure) caused several things to click for me regarding the issues of prejudice, -isms, and privilege that have been circling the Internets lately. I kept thinking of writing a post about it, but my brain was too tired and I had too much to do, and I'm still really in the beginning stages of understanding this crap. So instead, today I came across some essays and explanations and attempts at education; for my own information as much as any of yours, I'm collecting them here:
Sorry if this got long.

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